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Editor's Note: This is what's left of the original webBikeWorld "links" page, started in 1999! This was the very first web page ever. At that time, webBikeWorld was simply a collection of links to unique and hard-to-find products around the world that would be of interest to motorcyclists...

Interesting Motorcycle Accessories:  Hornig Mudguard Hugger  |  Titan Bulldog front wheel chock  |  Master Lock Self-Coiling Combination Lock With Cable  |  Motorcycle Volt Meter  |  Blue Max folding chair (review)  |  Oregon Scientific helmet cam review  |  Oxford HotGrips review  |  Motorcycle Lever Skins - Motovation Lever Skinz review  |  Parking Puck side stand plate review  |  Oxford Digi Gauge motorcycle tire air pressure gauge  |  Installing a Tankslapper motorcycle paint protection kit  |  Gorillapod for motorcyclists  |  Check out our live reports from the 2007 Powersports Dealer Expo from Feb. 16 to Feb. 19, 2007!  |  Garmin announces the Zumo motorcycle GPS  |  wBWreview of Cargo Buckle motorcycle trailer tie down system  |  Garmin StreetPilot i5 GPS Review  |  Satellite tracking system for motorcycles; keeps track of your bike and sends messages back to family or friends when you're on a worldwide trip  |  Bikeshifter - an interesting electronic shifter; works with either a handlebar-mounted button or sensors on the shift lever

Motorcycle Keys: Motorcycle Keys carries key blanks for many different brands of motorcycles; they make motorcycle keys and do motorcycle locksmithing   |  The National Locksmith's Guide to Motorcycle Locks - click on their store links to purchase these books on motorcycle locks and locksmithing  |  Key Men motorcycle locks, keys and locksmithing; they have many photos of motorcycle key blanks, which can be ordered online

Motorcycle Cruise Control: wBW Motorcycle Cruise Control Reviews include the Brakeaway cruise control and Throttle Rocker review  |  Electronic cruise control review  |  Throttlemeister cruise control review  |  Throttle Cam review  |  Vista Cruise is a throttle locking device that's cheap and effective; here's how to install it  |  The Cramp Buster fits any throttle  |  Cock and Lock and the Cam Lock cruise control by Motorcycle Accessory Design

Motorcycle Radar Detectors and Accessories: See the wBW review of Photo Blocker photo radar camera spray 

Back Support and Kidney Support: The Backalign (Back-A-Line) back support belt (see the wBW review) was highly rated by the recent edition of Motorcycle Consumer News

Garage Door Openers: Motofx makes a garage door opener that is engaged by using motorcycle turn signals

Motorcycle Intercoms - Radios - GPS: See the wBW Motorcycle Intercom Reviews

Motorcycle Road Tests: See the wBW Motorcycle Reviews

Motorcycle Insurance:  See the wBW Motorcycle Insurance page for information on motorcycle insurance for the U.S.A. and the U.K.

Motorcycle Alarms, Disc Locks, Locks and Chains: See the wBW Motorcycle Alarms and Locks Reviews

Motorcycle Horns - Air Horns:  See the wBW Motorcycle Horn Reviews

Motorcycle Covers:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Covers page!

Chrome Cleaners, Chrome Polish, Chrome Bluing Removal:  See wBW Reviews of motorcycle cleaners and polishes  |  More on the wBW Motorcycle Metal Polishing page, including Refinishing Aluminum Parts - Engine Cases and Clearcoat for Aluminum and Metal Parts

Motorcycle Cleaners, Wax, Polish, Cleaning: See all the wBW reviews of motorcycle cleaners, waxes, polishes and other products for keeping your bike nice and shiny!

Motorcycle Metal & Frame Polishing:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Metal Polishing page

3M Scotchcal and Other Types of Paint Protection Film:  wBW review of Tankslapper paint protection kit includes an installation video  |  Paintgard clear vinyl doesn't use adhesive; read the wBW review  |  Read the wBW product reviews: Installing the "SheerMask" paint protection kit  |  Installing Scotchcal  |  Scotchcal is a very thin (up to 6 mil) film that is applied over painted surfaces to prevent scratching, dings, stone chips, etc. This is the best quality of the paint protection films and is used by companies like Porsche to protect surfaces. I use it on my bikes to prevent paint damage from riding clothes and riding gear.It works great! You can buy sheets and cut them yourself to fit - it's very easy to do - you can find bulk Scotchcal and instructions for installing it at Xpel  |  Ozicozi (AUS) sells kits, bulk and laser pre-cut paint protection film

Xpel 0.40 mil Headlight - Paint Protection Film: Installing the Scotchcal headlight protection kit

Fuel Tanks - Motorcycle Fuel/Gas Tank Restoring, Rebuilding and Renewal: Moyer Fuel Tank renewal has been rebuilding fuel tanks since 1942  |  Sampson auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel cells for long distance riding; they manufacture custom-made fuel cells and they have standard fuel cells for BMW and Honda and the FJR1300

Plastic - Fairing Repair: Urethane Supply Co. has all sorts of repair kits and supplies for repairing plastic and fairings

Motorcycle Mirrors - Bar End Mirrors, Grips, Handlebars, Clip-ons and Risers:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Mirrors, Grips, Handlebars page

Used Motorcycle Parts and Salvage: Now on the wBW Used Motorcycle Parts page

Motorcycle Fasteners, Nuts and Bolts:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners page, including information on metric fasteners

Motorcycle Carburetors, Carb Parts and Carb Tuning: The Carb Parts Warehouse has carburetors, parts and tuning components; specialize in Mikuni and Keihin  |  For Bing carburetors, see the wBW BMW Motorcycle page

Motorcycle Carburetor and Throttle Body Synchronizer: The Twinmax is inexpensive and claimed to be accurate, but a simple pair of oil-filled small diameter tubes works just as good  |  The Morgan Carb Tune II has received good reviews, comes with full instructions and has an innovative system that doesn't use environmentally unsound mercury

Motorcycle Fuel Hoses - Fuel Lines: Tygothane is a clear, high-quality line used for fuel delivery in ultralight aircraft and works in many motorcycle applications; it looks cool too, because it's available in crystal clear and other colors  |  Tygothane is available in small quantities at Hoseline and Pro-Flo

Motorcycle Spark Plugs: Now on the wBW Motorcycle Spark Plugs page!

Motorcycle Radiator Repair: Myler's Motorcycle Radiators; fixing motorcycle radiators only since 1990  |  Fontana Radiator (Fontana, CA) specializes in repair of twisted, clogged or leaking motorcycle radiators; no website, call 800-430-7234 or email

Motorcycle Engine Cylinder Repair: Max Power Cylinders repair, honing, replate and rebore engine cylinders; overbores; Wiseco big bore pistons 

Motorcycle Seats and Saddles: Information on motorcycle seats, motorcycle saddles, saddle pads, custom seats and more is now on the wBW Motorcycle Seats Page!

Motorcycle Fairings and Windscreens:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Fairings & Windscreens page

Motorcycle Repair and Speedometer Repair: No Job is Too Small Machine Shop Services; motorcycle parts and fabrications  |  The Yellow Box is an electronic device that corrects speedometer errors on electronic speedometers  |  Repairing Bing carburetors  |  Classic Boxer Charging - THE book about electrical systems on classic BMW boxers  |  Rocky Point Cycle - BMW, Norton, Triumph, BSA parts  |  Listing of independent BMW motorcycle repair shops  |  Motorcycle Speedometer repair at Palo Alto Speedometer; customers report good service  |  Also check out the Digital Gear Indicator from Datatool  |  Overseas Speedometer and Instrument Service repairs BMW motorcycle instruments; quartz clocks  |  Nisonger Automotive repairs Smith's instruments, tachometers and speedometers

Motorcycle Tools: See the wBW Motorcycle Tool reviews

Motorcycle Museums & History: Now on the wBW Motorcycle Museums page

Motorcycle Art: Now on the wBW Motorcycle Photographs and Art page

Used Motorcycles:  Now on the wBW Motorcycles for Sale page

Motorcycle Clocks: wBW review of the Formotion Spot Clock  |  wBW review of the Marlin Bullet Billet thermometer  |  Twisted Throttle has nice-looking billet clocks that will fit on your handlebars or triple clamp; the manufacturer is Büsch Motorcycle Products in Germany; see the wBW Review of the Bike-Watch  |  Marlin's Motorcycles has billet clocks  |  Nice looking clocks (and thermometers) available at Formotion

Motorcycle Interest Sites and Motorcycle Clubs: Now on the wBW Motorcycle Clubs & Websites page

Motorcycle Scale Models and Miniatures: wBW Review of Valentino Rossi's 2003 Honda Repsol RC211V 

The Minsk: Two-stroke workhorse of rural Asia!  Visit the Minsk Club Vietnam to learn more about this interesting motorcycle

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