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Zero Motorcycles Files DSR/X and FXE Trademarks

Zero motorcycles

New Bikes?

Zero Motorcycles has recently filed some new trademarks, which hints at a few new models. According to, the company filed Zero DSR/X and Zero FXE trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use with “Electric motorcycles; Motorcycles and structural parts therefor; Motorcycles for motocross.”

This is the same language used for the DS and DSR. What this means is that these new bikes will likely be more off-road-focused versions of the Zero DSR and FX.

The /X in the DSR model name makes plenty of sense and will certainly be a more trail focused bike. However, the E added to the FX is less clear. I would expect it will be more of an off-road-focused version. The enduro is already a pretty good street bike. Also, E doesn’t mean electric because, well, it’s already electric.

Off-road vehicles and bikes are hot sellers right now. Folks across the country are buying up electric bikes fast, and maybe Zero has a model designated solely for off-road. This would make sense, and maybe the FXE is that bike. I’d rip around on one if I had the chance. It will be interesting to see how this develops.