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Writing While Riding Your Motorbike

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Writers are always filled with a sort of wanderlust that always keeps them moving from places to places to calm their exasperating inside. They create lines while moving between dwellings and capture ideas of their head in a better way. If you intend to write down your ideas while moving around, there is nothing better writer companion than a motorbike. A motorbike ride takes you in the air without an air ticket, but the big question is, how one can you write while being on a bike as both hands are busy in handling the balance of the bike?

No, you do not need another person to drive the bike while you sit at the back and write. There are two problems in this situation; first of all, it’s hard to get thrilling ideas and secondly, no one is will always be free to take you on a bike ride every time you need to write. So what do you do?

No no, you also don’t need to give up riding a bike for writing when you can do both things hand in hand. How? Here are some ways by which you can write while riding a motorbike

1 Use Your Smart Phone as Writing Tool

X2 phone mount
X2 phone mount charges your phone while riding

The first thing that comes handy is your smartphone. All smartphones have recording features that can be used with or without videos. ? I am not asking you to make Vlog, my point is, record your thoughts, word to word, in your smartphone. These will later come handy to draw the picture of your story on paper. You need a hands-free or earpieces, a well-working mic, fully charged battery, and a holder tool to put mobile phone while riding a do not. These recorded pinpoints will help you, and you will not forget the actual bike ride story you were struggling to write.

2 Take Pauses on The Way While Driving a Bike

Keep your eyes on the road and do not flow too profoundly in your words while recording and riding a bike. It can cause accidents. Therefore, you need to use your eyes to see, drive with your hands, and your voice will be your writer for the day. When you also find a place that is will not be comfortable, stop your bike and record the things you want to write. Try to find a place that’s less noisy for voice recording. If you want everyone to feel that you were writing while exploring the world on your bike, you can get help from professionals at

3 Talk To Your Writing Partner on Phone during Bike Ride

Being a writer,it is always essential to have people in your acquaintances who write or simply your writing colleagues. Whenever there is something more exciting on the way, call your writing partner and tell them about the things you are seeing. Tell them to write down your ideas in their own words to give your story a new and fascinating script. You will be able to create a masterpiece in this manner and that also while driving a motorbike. Get the best essay writing services from