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Ubco Offers Some New Batteries for Its 2×2 Bike


New Batteries for the Utility Bikes

Ubco has a new KXH portable power system for its electric 2×2 utility bike. The battery pack comes in three different variations. There’s a Standard one, a Heavy Duty one, and an Extra Heavy Duty one.

The Standard battery pack has a capacity of 2,100W and weighs almost 31 pounds. On its own, it costs $1,999. the Heavy Duty has a capacity of 2,600W and weighs under 36 pounds. It has a cost of $2,249. The third battery pack is the Extra Heavy Duty one and it has a capacity of 3,100W. It weighs just under 40 pounds. This one costs $2,499.

Each battery comes with a fully insulated IP66-rated sealed alloy case. This case is said to be fully water and rust-resistant. 


The 2×2 comes in two different configurations. There’s the WRK and the ADV. The WRK is the designated off-road bike and the ADV is the dual-sport bike (road legal). Both have hub motors on each wheel so it is two-wheel drive.

The 2×2 WRK starting price is $6,499 from there it depends on what battery capacity you choose. The 2×2 ADV starting price is $6,999. Then you’ll need to factor in the battery pack. The dealer network continues to expand, so be sure to check to see if there’s a dealer near you.