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The Five Essentials to Riding on Winter Roads


(Sponsored post for the northern winter)

We’re now in the final third of the year, and that means we’re inching closer towards the Winter Season in the northern hemisphere. For many motorbike riders, it’s also a season when riding on icy, winter roads can bring a great deal of risk.

The numbers are stacked against motorbike riders in particular. According to these statistics by Safer Winter Roads, at least 24% of road-related accidents happen during winter time. Moreover, at least 7400 weather-related deaths being recorded deaths each year according to NCBI.

These numbers show how important it is for bikers to be extra cautious when riding on winter roads. Here are the five essentials to keeping safe during icy weather.

1. Checking your bike’s integrity

Being a responsible biker means you also need to keep your bike in good condition. One thing’s for sure, many road accidents happen due to poor maintenance and irregular checkups. Now, imagine riding a bike that hasn’t been checked for a while under heavy snowfall. It’s for a recipe for a fatal road disaster.

It’s important to make the necessary preparations before hitting the winter roads. First, check your tire pressure and add air if needed. You may also test your lights and lubricate your levers and clutches. You may need to check your battery terminals and electrical connections. Replacing old batteries can help in improving the efficiency of your ride. Lastly, make sure to spray a solution that prevents corrosion and protects the motorbike from the harsh cold.

2. Invest in protective gear

Winter isn’t exactly the best season to ride in, but what’s stopping you when your primary mode of transportation is a motorcycle?

It’s only a matter of keeping your bike in good condition and purchasing the right gear. Aside from choosing the right helmet, you may also get a pair of high-quality winter goggles or visors and a layered winter jacket to protect you from snow blindness and the bitter windchill.

Gloves are also important items to have. The biting cold may make it harder to control the throttle and grip the levers, so opt for gloves with multiple layers. For best results, you can buy electric gloves that can warm up your palms no matter how cold it gets out on the road.

Finally, you can also install added accessories to your bike such as an LED fog light and a GPS tracker, just in case you get lost and you need someone back at home to track you down.

3. Get insured and protected

On icy roads, anything can happen. Like it or not, you will be at the mercy of elements and other motorists as well.

For this, you may want to get yourself insured for any accidents caused by the cold weather or mishaps caused by outright negligence. For the latter case, find a car accident lawyer who can help you win a personal injury case and get compensated for your losses.

After all, you have done everything you can to keep yourself protected on the winter roads using the two previous essentials. Everything now depends on whether the other driver has done their part in keeping the road’s accident-free despite the weather.