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Should a college student get a motorcycle

Kawasaki's Ninja 300 learner bike topped the market in 2013

(Contributed article for North American college students)

Are you a student who wants to have his own vehicle? Should it be a motorcycle, or it’s better not to risk and go on foot? Learn if a student should get a motorcycle.

A lot of students think of buying their own vehicles, but a good car can cost a great deal of money, then the second option comes to mindbuying a motorcycle. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting a motorcycle for college students.

Why Are Motorcycles so Popular?

A reasonable price. If you’re tired of riding a bike and you don’t have enough money for a car, a motorcycle is a great choice.

Freedom of movement. Thanks to maneuvrability, a motorcycle does not have any difficulties while riding in the morning traffic jams. It will go through narrow alleys that will be a barrier to any car. That includes parking freedom. There’s no need for a long search for a stopping place. It’s crucial in overcrowded modern cities.

Speed of movement. The motorcycle does not need to warm up the engine and is the most efficient way to save time. The motorcycle will get its owner to the right place without delays. It’s very convenient in the mornings if you are late for classes after the sleepless night when you tried to write an essay yourself without asking for professional academic help and wasted your time.

Better fuel consumption. Classic motorcycles have 5 to 8 litres per hundred kilometres. It can vary according to your driving style. It’s much higher in cars.

Easy storage. Small motorcycles fit perfectly in the basement or a small garage, and sometimes they are taken directly to the floor. You are unlikely to leave the car in the yard of an apartment building for a long time. Before looking for the place for your bike, look through Reddit homework help feedback, pick up the best specialists who can help you, and devote all your free time to the choice of motorcycle.

The cost of spare parts. The repair will cost several times cheaper than a car. A lot of operations you can do yourself without special tools and skills. You will not need to call a tow truck in case of a breakdown that will save some money.

Disadvantages of a Motorcycle

Expensive equipment. Only a good helmet costs enough. If you calculate the total amount of outfit, it will be much higher than the cost of the whole bike. There is usually no discount for the bike outfit, and, unfortunately, in this situation, you can’t use a Speedypaper discount code

Seasonality. The summer period lasts from June to September. Fans ride their bikes all year round, but riding in heavy rain or frost brings a little pleasure. 

Low load capacity. The bike has a modest trunk in which you can put an item that does not exceed the size of one travel bag.

Danger. It is worth considering the number of deaths in accidents involving motorcyclists. Some bikers forget about the quality equipment. But even the most expensive protection in good bikes for college students will not save from severe injuries in a violent collision. According to statistics, the probability of death while driving a motorcycle is 29 times higher than when driving a car.

So, we hope that having read this information and can make the right decision, of course, it’s not as easy as you ask for writing help, “Who can write an essay for me?” and gets hundreds of suggestions, but you’ll know for sure if you really need a motorcycle.