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Riders urged to complete Brisbane bike survey

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The newly formed  Queensland Motorcycle Council is urging riders to fill out an online survey about motorcycling in Brisbane.

They believe it is important that the survey has a strong response as it will “demonstrate strong support from the motorcycling community” and show that the new group has some clout.

The new group formed this year more than 18 months after the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland closed largely due to a lack of support.

President Graham Keys says their discussions with Transport and Main Roads officials had resulted in a promised seat at the table for future relevant government meetings and road safety forums.

Now they want to prove to Brisbane City Council that they are a legitimate rider representative group.

They are encouraging riders to complete the council’s online survey to “help identify opportunities to improve the motorcycling experience in Brisbane”.

The survey will help Council to “identify and develop policies, plans and infrastructure to enable safe motorcycle travel in the city”.

In the past, we have been critical of the council’s motorcycle strategy, but they have been lifting their game with parking in recent years.

Motorcycle and scooter riders urged to make a submission to the Brisbane City Council draft transport plan - parking BCC bicycles
Brisbane bike parking

Their online survey is open until Monday 28 February 2022 and takes about 10 minutes to complete depending on how much optional information you provide.

Click here to fill in the survey.

A login or subscription is not required to access and participate in the survey. Simply follow the questions as they relate to you and submit your comments.

Council is making all the right noises about motorcycling, finally realising riders may be the answer to the city’s traffic and parking issues.

Here is what they have to say:

Having a connected, flexible and sustainable transport network in Brisbane is important to ensure we can easily commute to work, conduct business and study, access lifestyle and leisure opportunities, and visit family and friends.

People of all ages and abilities, ranging from non-riders to experienced riders, are encouraged to have their say, and we hope to gain as much feedback as we can to ensure any initiatives reflect the needs of the community and provide a positive benefit for our city.

Motorcycling is a key initiative of the Transport Plan for Brisbane – Implementation Plan 2018, and focuses on opportunities for safe, motorcycle travel in the city. Travelling by motorcycle and mopeds, particularly for commuter trips, can assist in managing congestion on our roads and reduce the need for car parking in the CBD and activity centres.

Our vision is for motorcycling to be a transport mode of choice for travelling throughout Brisbane and minor goods transport, with appropriate infrastructure in place to support safe riding for residents, visitors and businesses in Brisbane.

While it’s good to see council acknowledging motorcycling, the survey asks a stupid question about putting on your headlights in the day time!