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Planning a motorcycle camping trip

Camping tent motorcycles

Motorcycle riding and camping are the favourites of many when it comes to experiencing nature. For those who want to get away for a few days, feel the air race past them, and sleep under the stars, motorcycle camping is your answer. This style of camping is minimalistic, so you’ll save money on hotels in exchange for roughing it a bit.

You may need to invest in some additional equipment and learn how to care for your bike on the road if you don’t already before you get your motorcycle camping adventures started.

Plan Your Route

Like most trips, you can start with planning what routes you’ll take ahead of time. If you plan to stay at any campgrounds that require a reservation, it’s wise to book them ahead of time in case they fill up. Make a note of total mileage of your route and mark gas stations that you plan to stop at along the way.

In addition to planning the physical route, as the trip gets closer, check on the weather in the areas you’ll be riding and camping. This may impact what you decide to pack or your plan altogether.

Learn Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

As mentioned before, it’s super important to understand and know how to maintain your motorcycle on the road. The last thing you’ll want is to find yourself stuck on the side of the road between campsites, or even at a campsite, not knowing how to diagnose what’s wrong. It’s a good idea to get familiar with your owner’s manual and understand what is considered essential maintenance.

Before you hit the road, complete a thorough inspection of your bike so you can take care of or anticipate maintenance while you’re away. Also, do some research on tire types to make sure what you have are the best for the additional weight you’ll be carrying. It’s worth stopping by your local motorcycle shop to chat with a professional about which tires will be best suited for your motorcycle depending on your route and how much you plan to bring with you.

It’s an even better idea to find a shop that uses automation equipment to have them check your bike out to make sure there aren’t going to be any surprise breakdowns on your trip.

Make a Camping Packing List

Postie bikes: Bike show camping

Unlike a car, you will have less room to pack your camping gear on your motorcycle. To make sure you’re not weighing down your bike too much, it’s essential only to pack the essentials.

When you’re packing and purchasing gear, lighter isn’t always better if it’s uncomfortable. Riding a motorcycle for long periods of time takes a different toll on your body and requires more energy than driving a car. Comfort is one of the critical considerations to having a happy and healthy motorcycle camping experience.

One of the most essential things you need to bring with yourself is a tent. A tent that’s most recommended, and best when riding a motorcycle is a waterproof tent. Make sure you check out this best waterproof tent guide, and choose one that fits you the best.

Go for a Practice Run

Another tip before leaving on your journey is to do a practice ride with all your gear attached to the bike. This will help you get comfortable with the additional weight and how it affects things like acceleration and turning. A practice run will help you decide if you need to alter your packing equipment to make the ride easier.

If you go on a ride that’s long enough, you can calculate your gas consumption to make sure you’ll be able to make it to each of the gas stations you identified when planning your route.

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