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Yamaha Tracer

It Would Make Sense The rumors are swirling that Yamaha may do a smaller version of the Tracer with a 125cc engine and bring it to the States. Morebikes reported on some spy shots that show a bike that could be it in Vietnam testing. However, the publication notes that there’s no guarantee that it …

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shared electric scooter

Not Very Green Afterall People look to electric scooters and cars and motorcycles and think of them as carbon-free machines. That’s simply not the case. People think of a shared resource like scooters or mopeds as another thing with few evils. Again, not the case. According to a study by researches at North Carolina State …

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mayhem paint set

Add Some Flair to Your Harley Harley-Davidson just announced two special custom paint schemes in various colors for 2020. They’re called the Quick Shift and Mayhem Limited Paint Sets. The special paint jobs can be applied to 2018 and later Breakout and Fat Bob or 2017 and later Road King, Street Glide, and Road Glide …

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Mash 650cc

A French Big Boy Coming By Way of China First off, this bike won’t come to the U.S. At least, not anytime soon. Meet Mash’s first big motorcycle. It’s a 650cc bike that’s built with flat-track styling and as cool as all get out. The company sells its bikes in France, and has been selling …

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A Detailed Look at the Iconic Brand If there’s one scooter I could have in my shed, it’d be a Vespa. The brand is iconic. It’s scooters retain their value better than any other vehicle on the road today, and while it would never replace my want or need for a legit motorcycle, I could …

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Depstech Inspection Camera all pieces

Ever wonder what the inside of your bike’s engine looked like but don’t have the skills or the time to tear it all apart? Curious about those hard to reach places between your bike’s body panels and its wiring, engine, or anything else? Have a nook or cranny around the house or garage where you …

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Dainese Patina72 Jacket

Discounts as High as 46 Percent Every week I dig into the deals at our partner’s websites to showcase some of the best ones or at least the ones that stand out to me the most. This week the items that caught my eye were the various leather jackets from Dainese. These jackets all feature …

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REV'IT! Gravel OutDry Boots

Introduction One never has enough riding gear, including footwear, of course. As such, one is always on the lookout for the ‘next best pair’. And this, as one would say, brings us to the storyline. My introduction to the REV’IT! line of adventure boots came about through a review of the (then) new Discovery OutDry …

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TCX Vibe Air Boots logo

(Full disclosure: I purchased these boots at my own expense and paid the same price as advertised online. I was not provided any consideration from TCX for the writing of this review) Introduction Summer is in full swing here in Tennessee and it’s hot and humid. It may not be the most pleasant weather for …

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Two Lexin FT4 BlueTooth communication devices.

A Review Request From A Friend My favorite part of doing these reviews is helping someone make a wise purchase. None of us wants to spend our hard-earned money on something we won’t like over the long run or that is poor quality. My friend Steve Crawshaw asked me about a month ago if I …

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Red rocks in southern France with a Ducati Multistrada 1260S.

Dreams The phrase “a dream come true” sounds cliche and trite when used to describe a vacation, but it’s completely on target in this case. I’ve always wanted to go riding in Europe and the opportunity unexpectedly fell right into my lap recently. The Genesis of the Plan A few months ago a couple of …

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Sur Ron Light Bee

A Brief Overview Unlike some owners, I don’t use my bike for commuting to and from work. Many owners do. Nope mine is just for recreation, so after a year the 1,956 miles amassed to date are just fun miles. There are plenty of articles, forums, and videos about the Sur Ron Light Bee. I …

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Forcefield Sport Shirt 1 Review

Quick specs: Retail price: $219 (shirt, with armor) / $199 (pants, with armor), CE level 1/2 armor (see full review) Early May I received the Forcefield Sport Shirt 1 X-V and Sport Pants 1 from Motonation, the North American distributor for a few popular brands including Forcefield, SIDI, and Trilobite (as well as their house …

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2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon in Atomic Tangerine Orange

Introduction When I was a kid my Dad used to race motorcycles around rough dirt tracks in the middle of pastures on Sunday afternoons. They called them ‘scrambles’ and they rode mostly cobbled together minimalist European bikes the riders re-built themselves. The only stock bike in the crowd was owned by a rich guy wearing …

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Dainese Legacy Jacket

Get Some Quality Dainese Gear for Less Every week, I browse through the deals at our gear partner’s websites and find some good gears or something that stands out to me. This week I noticed the Dainese Legacy Jacket discussed below was 56 percent off at Revzilla. That’s a big drop in price. Additionally, I …

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More Reviews & Articles

2020 Triumph Tiger 1000

It Looks Like It Received Some Updates Those crazy spy photographers are at it again, and this time they snagged the 2020 Triumph Tiger 1000 out testing. The images you see here come to us from Morebikes, the publication’s spy photographers were able to nab some images of the bike as it road around. As …

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Newron wooden electric motorcycle

It’s a Weird One I don’t get why people think they have to make electric motorcycles look absolutely ridiculous. You can make an electric motorcycle look like, ya know, a motorcycle. Case in point is this horrid creation from the company Newron. I do have to give it to Newron, though. The company used the …

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Icon Jacket Konflict

Get the Jackets, Gloves, Shoes You Need for Less Every week, I scour our partner’s deals to help identify for our readers what the best discounts are. This week I noticed that there were some top-notch deals on Dainese and Icon gear, and I thought it best to share these deals with you. Revzilla has …

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Moto Guzzi V85 TT

It’s Selling Better Than Expected Moto Guzzi has a winner on its hands with the V85 TT. The motorcycle is selling like crazy, according to The LA Times. Apparently, many people are trading in their non-Moto Guzzi machines to get their hands on a V85 TT, and that’s exactly what the company was hoping would …

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2020 Kawasaki KLX230

Your Helmet Does Provide Impact Protection If you thought that jacket you wear while riding provides you with good abrasion and impact protection, then you’re really only believing a half-truth. Most gear that you wear provides little to no impact protection according to a recent study reported on by the German publication Motorrad. Your helmet is …

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More Riders Is Good for Everyone It seems like every company associated with the motorcycle industry wants to see more people out on two wheels. Many of them have special programs and initiatives to make that happen. Well, now the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has announced its long-term initiative to get more people riding.  “While …

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Nicky Hayden Replica

Some New Looks for the Venerable Lid Arai’s Corsair-X full-face motorcycle helmet is one of the better ones on the market. The company revealed some new graphics late last year for the helmet, but we received an email saying they’d add a couple of additional graphics to the list. Let’s take a look at what …

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AGV Pista GP R

Get The Sportbike Helmet You’ve Been Wanting A good sportbike motorcycle helmet comes with a premium price tag usually. These are the cream of the crop in terms of aerodynamics, safety, and comfort. They also come with some impressive features and daring new styles. That’s why when I saw that Revzilla was doing a closeout …

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2020 Kawasaki KLX230

A Small-Displacement Dual Purpose When you first hear about the fact that Kawasaki is coming out with a 2020 KLX230, you might think that the company is doing away with the KLX250. Actually, Kawasaki will sell the bikes side-by-side. The KLX230 is a budget-friendly dual-sport option and it’s all-new.  The bike gets a completely new …

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