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#welovemonster When it comes to Naked Sport Bikes, it’s undeniable that the Ducati Monster is one of the most iconic machines on the market and has been for the last 25 years. It has a look and sound that is undeniably “Ducati”. From the first introduction of the Monster in Cologne back in 1992 to …

The Right Tool For the Job Tool Snobbery Speaking as a licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic I admit to being a bit of a “tool snob”. That doesn’t mean I must always use premium brand tools like Snap-On or Mac, but more that if there’s a tool available specifically for a task I want it in …

The chance to review these boots came at an opportune time. My old Alpinestars were starting to funk up the place, and so I was already on the hunt for a good-quality touring boot. Having learned my lessons with respect to cheaping out on gear years ago, my requirements placed safety and comfort above price. …

About AGV I’m a little embarrassed to admit how unfamiliar I am with AGV so I did a little research on them. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who will benefit from a brief intro to this Italian manufacturer. AGV or Amisano Gino Valenza has been around since 1946 making cutting-edge products for the world …

Introduction I have to admit that Scorpion helmets and the 400 series, in particular, are a bit special to me. Around ten years ago I was returning to motorcycling riding after a few years away from riding. When I purchased my new-to-me bike (a 2001 Kawasaki ZR-7s) I, of course, needed a new helmet. Around …

I remember as a kid, my friends and I would always be “tinkering” with our BMZ bikes. Taking things off, putting things on, getting it just right… Then came motocross, the same thing would happen… Change this, change that, all in the interest of getting what you wanted. I remember installing a CR80 front end …

First, some background: REAX is a new riding apparel line recently launched by Comoto Holdings – that’s RevZilla and Cycle Gear to you and me. I am fortunate to have friends working within this group, who were willing to speak candidly with me about it, on the condition they be left anonymous. The gear is …

I take safety seriously and encourage ATGATT riding. From that perspective, the jacket is second only to a helmet in terms of safety and impact resistance. Having the right jacket can be the difference between bumps/bruises and skin grafts. When choosing, one should always prioritize the jacket’s ability to protect you over other factors. This …

A Great Experience with Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Slim Earlier this year I was offered the opportunity to test the Cardo Packtalk radio system. To be honest, I had never used a radio or communication system when riding and never really felt like I needed to get one. I have always liked the solitude that …

From helmets to boots, and everything in-between.

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Rukka ROR Jacket Full View Worn As Shown on Model for Fit

Something Better, Something Different Rukka has rolled out this jacket (and matching pants) for the adventure rider that rides in multi-season, hotter weather doing serious off-road work. That much is immediately clear when you look at how thin, really lightweight and breathable it is designed to be. First Impressions “Is this a windbreaker or really …

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REV’IT Clare Ladies Jacket Full Frontal View Displayed on Hanger

The new REV’IT Clare women’s jacket is a very classic tight-fitting leather jacket. As soon as I touched it, I knew that this was not just any leather jacket. This was a top quality piece of leather craftsmanship. The leather is actually Iceland Buffalo which allows for a certain degree of softness without sacrificing durability. …

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Motonation Metralla Ladies Vented Textile Jacket Full Front View

Being that I live in a very warm climate, I was eager to test any jacket that offered good ventilation as well as solid protection. And the added benefit of the Motonation Metralla being designed for a woman was an added bonus that doesn’t come along very often. I ride in men’s jackets most of …

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Motonation Rapita Textile Mesh Gloves Full View Knuckles Up

My Criteria And Gloves Of Choice For me, touch is important. I like to have the ability to touch lightly with just a finger or two if I am moving my helmet screen or adjusting my glasses. And in a lot of cases, a bulky glove does not allow for those fine motor motions. And …

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Motonation Cappra Vented Texile Pants Front

Bargain Pricing At only $99 the Motonation Cappra Vented Textile Pants are an outstanding option for hot weather riding pants. Most other options are in the $150- $200 range such as the Cortech Sequoia XC Air which Revzilla offers at a regular price of $179.99. The Motonation Cappra Vented Textile Pants Features Starting from the …

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SnapJack Variable V2 in New Packaging, Tirox Chain Cleaner Can

Redemption! No one likes only getting one chance to prove themselves, including the maker of the SnapJack. Not much is more satisfying than dusting yourself off and coming back strong with a winning performance. That’s what Basil Paul Andrews the President of Tirox/SnapJack was after when he provided us the newest version of the SnapJack …

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MCCruise TBW Aftermarket Cruise Control Installed on a Motorcycle

***My Pick of the Year So Far*** Interested in picking one up? Use coupon code ‘webbikeworld’ at checkout (no ‘) to save an additional 8%! Video Review The Rationale When I discuss which products to review with our content manager I push for: Ones I hear other people recommend strongly in forums or in person. …

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Pilot Motosport Elipsol Air Jacket

I’ve had the good fortune of getting to review several pieces of Pilot gear over the past couple of years including the Trans.Urban V2 and Direct Air V3 jackets. So when I saw Pilot had released a new jacket late last year (2017) I quickly asked if I could get one for review. I was …

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Sena Momentum Helmet Off-Side View

Sena, well known for their world-class motorcycle communication technology, is now moving into what many might say is the next logical extension for their brand – incorporating that technology into their own, bespoke line of full-face helmets, the Momentum series. The Momentum is available in three different sub-models, Momentum Lite, Momentum, and Momentum Pro, the …

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