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Summary The C5 single channel camera system is a newer offering from INNOVV providing a lot of desirable features for powersports activities, particularly motorcycling enthusiasts, at a very reasonable price. Compact and ruggedized, the modular-based Innovv C5 provides a sealed waterproof lens, an aluminum DVR module, USB 3 integrated heavy-duty cable and a dedicated protective …

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Summary The Golden Eagle Sport sunglasses provide quality glare and brightness combined with slim and lightweight frame. They are designed to be comfortable for long periods of time when wearing a helmet or over-the-ear headphones. Introduction My history with eyeglasses goes all the way back to first grade. Then at age sixteen I started wearing …

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The All New Arai DT-X Helmet – Torrent White For those of you not familiar with Arai Helmets, they are a Japanese company who has been around since 1926. Arai helmets are all hand built and are designed to meet or beat SNELL safety standards. They are a family-owned company, with a strong belief in …

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Protect Your Hearing! What you need to know about ear plugs as a motorcycle rider and how not to lost hearing like I did Everything you need to know about ear plugs, earplugs, hearing protection, wearing earplugs, sources for earplugs, or earplugs and motorcycling! Riding a motorcycle creates a lot of noise, even when wearing a …

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Motorcycle Lighting Reviews

Motorcycle Lighting Reviews   Welcome to the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Lighting Reviews index! This is the directory of motorcycle lighting and auxiliary light reviews. It also includes motorcycle LED light reviews, motorcycle headlight reviews, motorcycle brake light reviews. Also reviews of headlight modulators, LED brake lights, brake light flashers, high-powered halogen, Xenon and HID bulbs and …

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Heated Clothing Reviews

We’ve Spent Years Cold Weather Testing The Best Heated Clothing So You Can Stay Warm On Your Winter Riding Adventures Welcome to the wBW heated motorcycle clothing reviews and motorcycle underwear reviews index! Reviews are listed from most recent in the left column to older reviews on the right. In many parts of the world, winter is …

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Motorcycle Intercom Reviews

Motorcycle Intercom, GPS and Radio Reviews   Best Intercoms, GPS and Radios Best Intercoms – Coming Soon Best Bluetooth Intercom – Coming Soon Best Bluetooth Helmet – Coming Soon Best Wired Motorcycle Intercom – Coming Soon Best Earbuds & Speakers – Coming Soon Best GPS – Coming Soon Best Radios – Coming Soon Where to Buy Not …

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Motorcycle Glove Reviews

Hands On Motorcycle Glove Reviews For 20+ Years. We Crash, Scrape & Beat Gloves Up So You Don’t Have To. We all agree that our hands are important and that protecting them is absolutely vital when you spend time riding a motorcycle for fun. It befuddles us that in this day and age we still see …

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Motorcycle Battery and Charger Reviews

The WBW Battery and Charger Hub, Where We Get Hands On and Test Motorcycle Batteries, Battery Chargers, Tenders & Maintainers Welcome to WebBikeWorld’s motorcycle battery and charger hub. This is the place to quickly find amazing battery and charger products, read our in-depth hands on reviews and find the best battery related products on sale …

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Welcome to our portfolio of motorcycle reviews and ride reports! The links below are listed in order of the date of publication, from newest to oldest. The full motorcycle reviews and introductions are listed first, with more below. Information about submitting content for publication on webBikeWorld can be found on the Site Info page. ► wBW Motorcycle …

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BMW Scooter Owner Reports and Feedback   Background This page has information, feedback and reports from BMW scooter owners, listed below in order of date received. It will be interesting to read about owner experiences with the new scooter. Since this is a new product for BMW, we can all learn…and hopefully there won’t be …

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BMW Scooter Owners Report Stalling Problem   Background I have received reports from owners of a stalling problem on their BMW scooter. This is apparently a major issue, so I’ll add any reports I receive to this page and we’ll see what happens. In the U.S.A., report all safety issues to the National Highway Traffic Safety …

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