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Orders for Langen’s Two-Stroke are Now Open

Act Fast

Langen Two Stroke
Langen two-stroke motorcycle

Only 100 Will be Made

We’ve reported on the Langen Two-Stroke machine in previous articles. It’s an impressive machine made by Christofer Ratcliffe, the former Chief Design Engineer at acclaimed CCM Motorcycles. Orders for the machine are now open.

The bike is one of the few street bikes out there to feature a two-stroke V-twin engine. And it’s not just any engine. The motorcycle comes with a 250cc made by from Italian company Vins Motors. The engine makes 77 hp and 33 lb-ft of torque. 

In most cases, two-stroke engines make great power. However, they struggle to meet emissions, so most companies have let them go. Still, some folks love two-strokes, myself included.

Langen and Vins Motors have teamed up to produce track bikes or limited-edition machines, which are not governed by the same emissions issues that large production models are.

“Judging by the hugely positive response to the new Langen Two Stroke at Blenheim Palace, included more initial pre-orders than I was expecting, my desire to produce motorcycles with a simplicity and purity of days gone by seems to be shared by countless other bike enthusiasts who really seem to savour the amazing sounds and smells of our new Two Stroke,” said Ratcliffe.

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Langen Motorcycle’s website to see if you can score one of these. The bike costs £28,000 plus tax, but you can secure yours with a pre-order deposit of £1,000.