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New Footage Unveils The Wreckage Found Following Top Mountain Crosspoint Museum Fire

Museum Fire

230 Motorcycles and 10 Vintage Cars Claimed By The Flames

I do not take any enjoyment have to bear the burden of showing you these images/videos. Looking at these images of the result of the Top Mountain Crosspoint Fire is like staring a loved one in the face at an open casket funeral (too much?).

If you’re out of the loop, this legendary museum was home to a total of 230 historic and very priceless works of motorcycle art taken from years stretching back close to the invention of the motorcyle. The museum was based in Austria (on top of a mountain, go figure), and around 10 days ago fell victim to a fire of tragic proportions. The structure was primarily built out of wood, and when the fire started at 4am (local) the museum lit up like a Christmas tree.

Karol Burger recently posted a video to his Facebook page walking through the wreckage that was found at this historic site. What used to be beautiful original motorcycles from all decades of our brief history on this planet are now nothing more than piles of charred scrap metal and parts bent from the heat of the blaze. All 230 motorcycles were lost in the fire.