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With hundreds of styles of motorcycle pants there is really something for every riding type, fashion style, weather conditions and body size. Shapes and sizes of all types can be found and materials ranging from modern textiles, mesh materials and even old fashioned leather are just the start.

Over the years we’ve tried on a lot of motorcycle pants. Back in the old days it was almost impossible to wear pants off a bike but as the years have progressed and companies have received feedback from reviewers like us and consumers, things have changed. Now you can buy a pair of motorcycle pants that not only protect you and make riding comfortable but can also be worn to work, an event or everything in between.

The other thing we’ve noticed over the years of reviewing pants is that while pants are increasingly multi-taskable they are also more focused. If you spend time on the track you can get very specific pants just for that. Likewise for those who cruise long distances or spend most of their time in cold-weather riding conditions.

The big thing to look for in motorcycle pants is safety. Made of abrasion resistant man-made materials or leather, pants can take a big scrape and prevent road rash if you come off our bike. Both textiles and leather are excellent choices for motorcycle pants that can hold up in a crash. Pants also have insertable armor plates for added protection (not all pants have this but we highly recommend you find a pair that does). Added features like weatherproof construction, venting and pockets, or reflective hi-viz colors are all nice, but when it comes down to it, fit, comfort and style play a huge part in what you should choose.

Which type of motorcycle pants are right for you will depend on the type of riding you do, and which features are most important to you. Definitely dive into our reviews so you can understand the trade-offs with each pair.

Full List of Motorcycle Pants Brands

Most riders don’t realize just how many motorcycle pants brands exist. Over the years we have reviewed a lot of pants and we can barely keep up with the new ones coming onto the market every year. Below, we have listed all the pants brands we have tested (and some we haven’t). You can simply click on the link to see all the reviews we have conducted for each brand. We hope this makes finding the right pants for you a little easier.

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Recent Reviews

In This Section You Will Find All Our Recent Hands On Motorcycle Glove Reviews

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Recent Hands On

Pants Reviews

Three Season Pants for Women and Men The Enterprise 2 pants are a good choice for cool and inclement weather motorcycle riding. The pants offer REV’IT! quality and design at a competitive price There are many changes in this second version of the Enterprise pants that separate it from the original not only in design …

Teknic Cyclone Jacket & Pants Review Every once and a while, someone comes up with a completely new way of doing things with an idea, a strategy or a product that immediately sets them apart from the crowd. In business terms, it’s called “jumping the curve”, a phrase that, as far as I know, was …

REV’IT! Memphis H20: World’s First Waterproof Jeans? The REV’IT! Memphis H20 jeans have a Hydratex 3L (3 Layer) waterproof liner bonded to the inside of the denim. A full-length internal mesh liner adds comfort on the inside. But the Memphis H20 jeans do not have a full-length abrasion-resistant Kevlar or other type of lining. The …

Versatile Pants Are A Match for Any Jacket The new Fieldsheer Adventure Tour jacket (review) has a pair of matching pants. No surprise there! The pants are made from the same Fieldsheer-developed 500 denier Maxtena-Pro outer shell — “heavy duty” stuff. With a different approach and to simplify the on/off process, the Exkin Air insulating liner is …

X-Vent Pants for Winter The REV’IT! X-vent pants have a warm removable quilted thermal lining. It attaches with zippers and the pants lining is waterproof. Vents are located on the thighs, although they don’t flow much air. The pants include Knox CE-approved protectors in the knees and soft foam padding for the hips. The pants …

Mesh Over Pants for Hot Weather Riding The Pilot Omni over-pants are available in the Omni Air mesh version described in this review or as a solid textile version. Both are designed as over-pants, so they can be worn alone or over jeans or other street pants. The Omni Air mesh over-pants have a thick-feeling …

Dainese Teren D-Dry Pants Review As you might expect, the Dainese Teren pants are the perfect match for the Dainese Teren jacket (review). But the Teren pants would also make an excellent choice for all-weather wearing with other types and brands (Shhh — don’t tell Dainese!) of jackets. The pants have the same “heavy duty” Cordura …

Poseidon Gore-Tex Pants to Match the Jacket The new REV’IT! Poseidon GTX pants match thePoseidon GTX jacket (review). The pants feature the same Gore-Tex Pro waterproof construction that is “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry”. The updated REV’IT! VCS Aquadefence vents are also featured on the pants. That includes the FidLock magnetic snap system, which makes …

All-Weather Mid-Range Pants The REV’IT! Sand 2 pants are a mild upgrade to the original REV’IT! Sand pants (review). Actually, either pair would be a good match for both the original REV’IT! Sand jacket (review) and the updated REV’IT! Sand 2 jacket (review). Either way, the Sand 2 pants are much like the originals; these are nicely styled and …

Resurgence Gear PEKEV Jeans and Cargo Pants Review The Resurgence Gear “Black Bird” jeans and “Cargo Trousers” are comfortable and stylish. The Black Bird jeans are especially comfortable; the denim includes a stretch fabric that expands by about 25% for a good fit that also helps retain the protectors. The Resurgence Gear jeans and cargo …

REV’IT! Airwave Trousers for Women and Men Strictly for summer, the Airwave trousers offer excellent air flow combined with a good fit and protective armour. Easy to put on and take off, they’re great for commuting, and can stand up to longer trips too. The Airwave pants also work as overpants with a pair of …

Sliders “All Season 2” Pants With Kevlar The Sliders All Season 2 Pants With Kevlar provide a good balance of protection and hot weather riding comfort. I live in a part of the country that has seasons. Four of them. In summer (as it is now), it is hot and humid. But when winter comes, …

RHOK “Gen3” Kevlar Jeans Review The “Gen3” RHOK Kevlar jeans are soft and comfortable. The “PEKEV” Kevlar lining is a special design that covers the seat down to just below the knee in the rear, along with a section at the hips. The RHOK Gen3 jeans come with removable knee and hip protectors. The knee …

Rukka “AirVision” Pants Review The Rukka AirVision pants are, of course, the perfect match the Rukka Airway jacket, reviewed in Part 1. The pants could be worn with other Rukka jackets or with jackets from other manufacturers, although that doesn’t seem likely. The AirVision pants have the same Cordura AFT mesh fabric as the Airway jacket …

Sliders Cargo Pants Purpose-built motorcycling pants thinly disguised as regular cargo pants. I have reviewed several different motorcycle pants and jeans through the years. But some of them are not specifically designed as motorcycle riding apparel. For example, see my Cortech and Carhartt jeans review. Or my Duluth Firehose Logging Pants review. Those are both pretty popular …

We have reviewed dozens and dozens of pants over the years at WBW so we know a thing or two about which brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site too so we know which brands get the most views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editor’s opinions and generally who we think is really innovating in the pants space, here are the most popular brands at the moment.

Alpinestars Pants

Alpinestars Pants

alpinestars logo

Alpinestars makes technical, high performance protective gear for Motorcycle, Motocross, and Auto Racing and more recently for action sports like Adventure/Touring, Mountain Biking and Cycling.

It all started in 1963 when a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo began creating the first Alpinestars branded products. At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself.

Alpinestars makes a massive range of motorcycle pants from traditional leather motorcycle pants to lightweight mesh motorcycle pants and everything in between. Their lightweight mesh pants have amazing venting and cooling for riders in warm weather while their leather pants have that cool traditional look and sturdy build quality. There’s a reason Alpinestars tops our list in a lot of categories and their R&D and constant innovation plus reasonable prices and great quality are hard to beat. 

Helpful Links: Read Our Alpinestars Pants Reviews.

Alpinestars Pants on Amazon Alpinestars Pants on RevZilla

Joe Rocket Pants

joe rocket pants

Motorcycle gloves find the right balance between comfort, control and protection. It is one thing to have a glove that protects you but it is another to have a glove that protects you AND makes controlling your motorcycle easy. That’s where Joe Rocket gloves excel.

The other area of excellence for Joe Rocket is affordability and price point. Their pants are a fraction of what you can pay for the same look and feel elsewhere. While there are a lot of copycat brands out there you can’t say that about Joe Rocket with their signature cool looking pants that can be worn anywhere. We love their leather classic pants the most, perfect for the cafe racer in you.

Helpful Links: Read Our Joe Rocket Pants Reviews.

Buy Joe Rocket Pants on Amazon Buy Joe Rocket Pants on RevZilla

Klim Motorcycle Pants

klim motorcycle pants

Klim Motorcycle Jackets

Klim (pronounced “climb”) is a U.S based designer and manufacturer or cool snowmobile and motorcycle clothing using the same.

Klim is an innovator in the space, focused on designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motor sports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider.

Clearly with a focus on snowmobile you know that their motorcycle pants are going to outperform other brands when it comes to waterproofing breathability, durability and comfort in cold weather. It may seem unusual for us to recommend a brand we haven’t tested (nobody wants to send us any pants) but this is a brand we feel 100% confident in putting our stamp of approval behind.

Helpful Links: Read Our Klim Pants Reviews.

Buy Klim Pants on Amazon Buy Klim Pants on RevZilla

Dainese Pants

Dainese Pants

dainese logo

“Dainese uses innovation and new technology to create protective gear and clothing for motorcycle, bike, equestrian and winter sports” according to the Dainese official website.

Started in 1972 the team there makes not only motorcycle boots but all types of other protective gear (back protectors, gloves, airbags and more). A very focused R&D outfit, Dainese is a real leader on the innovation side.

Dainese does the motorcycle pants basics really well – from top quality materials, textile and leather pants choices, top notch protection and loads of choices for any riding style. More than anything else though, we think Dainese pants are really stylish and look awesome. Combine the basics and amazing looks and it is hard to look further than Dainese when buying quality pants.

Helpful Links: Read Our Dainese Pants Reviews.

Buy Dainese Pants on Amazon Buy Dainese Pants on RevZilla

Icon Pants

icon motorcycle pants

icon motorsports logo

Makers of Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Pants, Footwear the team at Icon is one of the largest street based protective motorcycle apparel brands in the world.

Founded in 2002, ICON exploded onto the scene with unabashed attitude – maybe that’s why we love them so much. They focus on the modern performance rider who rides in the real world of messed up roads. Their core mission is “protecting riders whenever and however we can, knowing that reckoning day is coming for all of us”.

With a broad set of colors, styles, fits, and functionalities, Icon pants are among the most popular in the business. The relative upstart (in motorcycle gear years) knows how to create cool looking pants with solid functionality and a unique quality. We are big fans.

Helpful Links: Read Our Icon Pants Reviews.

Buy Icon Pants on Amazon Buy Icon Pants on RevZilla




With a focus on innovation and well designed motorcycle clothing, REV’IT knows how to make cool clothing and gear.

We’ve often described REV’IT as a company that “gets it”. Their focus on motorcycle gloves shows they know riders really well.  We love for example that most of the gloves are constructed with seasonality in mind, which most riders know make a huge difference.

We love that REVIT makes a wide range of pants for both men and women. Available at a broad range of price points it is not hard to find a REVIT motorcycle pants for every riding style, budget and body type out there. REVIT pants are some of the highest rated by consumers and it is not hard to see why when you consider the amount of R&D and number of years of experience the team at REVIT has. Looking for motorcycle pants? Check these guys out.

Helpful Links: Read Our REV’IT Pants Reviews.

Buy REV’IT Pants on Amazon Buy REV’IT Pants on RevZilla



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