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Moto Morini Teases the New Super Scrambler That it will Unveil at EICMA

Moto Morini scrambler

Get Yourself Ready for Another Scrambler

Moto Morini recently teased its new Super Scrambler. The bike is a 1200cc motorcycle and will feature the CorsaCorta engine that Moto Morini puts on many of its other bikes. Other than the teaser images, there isn’t much known about this bike. The company will officially take the covers off soon at EICMA.

As MoreBikes points out, Moto Morini will have other bikes at some point, too, maybe even at EICMA. The rumors are that Moto Morini will bring an adventure and a naked bike to the show, but I kind of think that’s wishful thinking. I’d love for it to happen, but I think the big bike for this company at EICMA is going to be the scrambler.

In terms of what we can see in the teaser images, you can make out spoked wheels, a round LED headlight, short flyscreen, wide handlebars, and some round mirrors. There’s not much else to see at this time, but the bike should be a real looker if Moto Morini’s other bikes are any indication. The motorcycle company makes handsome bikes. I’m looking forward to seeing this one break cover. Until then, you can gaze at these teasers.