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Moose Racing Competition Waffle Grips – The $10 MotoX Grip Option

Slim Feel for Fast Off-Road Bikes

If you ride motocross or dual sport bikes, you’d be the first to know how quickly you can shred through a set of grips from leaning the bike over into dirt in the frequent event you end up tipping over sideways. Having your handlebars dig into the dirt will tear away at any rubber, no matter how much you paid for the grips. Why not take the economical approach and buy 4 sets of grips for the same cost as a regular set? They’re going to wear the same anyways.

Moose Racing has you covered with their new Competition Waffle grips; a cheap option for your twist turn throttle, 7/8” diameter bar motorcycles. The grips are dual-compound rubber with the harder of the two compounds being used to add durability to key-wear points whilst the softer rubber provides extra grip for your hand in muddy and wet conditions. Paired with the tapered waffle pattern you can be sure this grip will have you holding on for dear life in any condition.

The grips are currently available in 6 different color options, and Moose Racing made sure they provided colors to match each major manufacturer’s colors so you can keep the theme of your bike uniform and race-ready.

These grips are very similar to their ‘Qualifier Grips‘ with a slightly different pattern featured on the portion your hand will be holding onto giving an overall slimmer feel than the Qualifiers would. The grips are available now on Moose Racing’s official website as well as select dealers across the continent.