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Man Will Ride 24 Hours on a Dyno for Charity

Nonstop to Nowhere
Image from Longhaulpaul

Nonstop to Nowhere

Paul Pelland, known affectionately as Longhaulpaul, will attempt to set a world record by riding a motorcycle non-stop on a dyno for 24 hours. The run will happen on March 29. Pelland’s 24-hour run supports MS Views and News, Inc. All of the money that Pelland is able to raise will go to the charity for educational programs and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The attempt will be streamed live on social media. To keep things interesting, Pelland planned various activities and interactions with his fans throughout the day. Pelland will ride his 2018 Yamaha Star Venture during the attempt. He’ll take calls and interact with viewers and donors while on the bike.

What exactly those activities and interactions will be have not been disclosed. There’s a list of humorous things included on his site, like seeing Pelland “get a straight razor shave at 90 mph” or “eating a scorpion at 3,000 RPM” I’d assume the rest of them are fairly similar gimmicks. Pelland sounds willing to do just about anything to raise money for his cause. While it sounds kind of silly, I’ve got to applaud good intentions.

Rob’s Dyno Service facility in Gardner, MA, will hold the event, and Pelland will begin his journey to nowhere at noon. If you’re interested in donating to a good cause, check out the donation page at his website. All of the donated money will go to support the cause.