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Kumpan Releases the 54 Inspire and 54 Iconic Electric Scooters


Retro Style, Modern Propulsion

Do you want an electric scooter, but don’t want something that looks like it’s out of a sci-fi film? The Kumpan 54 Inspire and 54 Iconic might be perfect for you. The German company recently released these two new electric scooters, according to Motorrad.

The Kumpan 54 Inspire is the company’s entry-level model it has a 4 hp electric motor and a limited top speed of 28 mph. It will do about 39 miles per charge. The battery pack is swappable and the price is 3,999 Euros. The Kumpan 54 Iconic is the next step up. That bike has a 5 hp motor and a top speed of 62 mph. The bike has three swappable batteries. With those batteries fully charged, the bike can do about 115 miles per charge. Kumpan priced it at 4,999 Euros.

The 54 Iconic sounds like the better deal to me. The bikes both look more or less the same and get 12-inch wheels, a 7-inch touchscreen display, LED turn signals, and the option of an LED headlight. Other than the tires and brakes, these little scooters would be basically maintenance-free, and if you lived in a city, they could be a fantastic option for scooting around. They’ll be available in Europe.