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KTM Introduces the PowerWear Street 2020 Gear Collection

KTM PowerWear Collection 2020

Everything from Track Leathers to Rain Gear

If you’re an avid KTM fan, then you don’t just want to ride a KTM motorcycle, you want to wear KTM gear, too. Well, the Austrian company has you covered. It just released its 2020 PowerWear gear collection, and there’s really something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get out there on the track and drag a knee or get out there on some trails and get dirty, there’s gear here for every rider and every model that KTM sells. KTM partnered with the best gear companies out there, including Alpinestars, Shoei, Schuberth, and more. The company divides the collection up into four separate categories. There’s the Premium Collection, Advanced Collection, the Essential Collection, and Protection and Underwear.

Premium Collection

Here’s what’s in this collection:

  • X-Spirit III Helmet
  • RSX Suit
  • Racing Sensor
  • Supertech R Boots
  • RSX Gloves 
  • RSX Jacket
  • RSX Pants
  • Elemental GTX Tech-Air Jacket
  • Elemental GTX Pants
  • C4 Pro Helmet
  • Elemental GTX Gloves
  • Corozal DryStar Boots

Advanced Collection

Here’s what’s in this collection:

  • ST 501 Helmet
  • Apex II Jacket
  • Apex II Pants
  • Fast GT Gloves
  • S-MX6 V2 Boots
  • Hornet Adventure Helmet
  • ADV R Gloves
  • ADV R Jacket
  • ADV R Pants
  • ADV S Jacket
  • ADV S Pants
  • Woman ADV S Jacket
  • Woman ADV S Pants
  • ADV S Gloves
  • Andes V2 Drystar Boots 
  • Riding Jeans
  • Radical X Gloves

Essential Collection

Here’s what’s in this collection:

  • Tourrain WP Jacket
  • Tourrain WP Pants
  • Woman Tourrain WP Jacket
  • Woman Tourrain WP Pants
  • Tourrain WP Gloves
  • Factor Helmet
  • Two 4 Ride Jacket
  • Woman Two 4 Ride Jacket
  • Vented Jacket
  • Two 4 Ride Gloves
  • Street EVO Jacket
  • Woman Street EVO Jacket
  • J-6 WP Shoes
  • S-MX 1 R Boots

Protection and Underwear

Here’s what’s in this collection:

  • Sweathead
  • Function Undershirt Short
  • Function Undershirt Long
  • Function Underpants Long
  • Function Undersuit Long
  • Air Socks
  • Nucleon KR-2 Back Protector
  • SAS Tec Back Protector
  • SAS Tec Shoulder Protection Set
  • SAS Tec Back Protector SCL
  • SAS Tec Shoulder Protection Set
  • SAS Tec Knee Elbow Protection Set
  • SAS Tec Hip Protection Set
  • SAS Tec Knee/Elbow Protection Set
  • SAS Tec Hip Protection Set Nucleon KR-2I Back Protector Insert
  • Rain Jacket
  • Rain Pants
  • Riding Vest
  • Kidney Belt

You can check out the full PowerWear Street Collection for 2020 here.