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Kawasaki Will Add Even More 2021 Models in October and November

Kawasaki 2021 motorcycle reveal

Really Filling Out the Lineup

Recently, it was revealed that Kawasaki was going to add some new models to its lineup in November. Now the company has put out a video that says it will be adding even more motorcycles to its lineup in October, too. The November date is the 23rd. The October date is the 12th.

RideApart suggests that the two different reveal dates could mean two things. The first theory is that the reveal of the six motorcycles that are upcoming could be split up between the two dates, the other theory is that Kawasaki will reveal even more bikes in September.

Personally, I see it as the second theory. I do think Kawasaki is going to add more than six motorcycles. That means it will dramatically expand its lineup.

Recently the company also revealed that many of its models from 2020 will continue on for 2021. That means the lineup for Kawasaki will be absolutely massive. This isn’t a bad thing, but I wonder if it will really serve Kawasaki well. Time will tell.

It’s unclear what models will come this month and next. The video (shown below) doesn’t even hint at it as the other teaser did. I’m excited to see what Kawasaki has up its sleeve.