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It Looks Like Tariffs Could Impact Affordable Electric Scooters


Imported Bikes Could Be More Expensive

There are plenty of companies selling electric bikes, specifical scooters outside of the U.S., some of them, like Niu Technologies would like to bring their scooters to the U.S. but the company is finding it harder to do so and be able to sell their products at an affordable price. The company will have to pay a 25 percent tariff, according to RideApart. That tariff cost will be passed along to consumers.

It seems the company will move forward. A few of its bikes have already received DOT approval. While some companies will just eat the cost of the tariffs and keep their prices low, Niu Technologies has said that consumers will essentially have to pay those fees. 

So why should you care about this? I’m only pointing to one company. Well, even if American companies were to build similar scooters, they would likely need to source something from overseas. If there’s a tariff on what they need, then their products will have to be more expensive, too. 

Either way, the cost gets pushed off onto the consumer. It’ll be interesting to see how the tariff situation shakes out over time. One thing is for sure, though, we’re all going to pay more, at least in the short term, in the short term.