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Haber Air Flow Technology

Haber Air Flow Technology and Nexx Helmets

November 29, 2011 – Haber Technology announced a partnership with Nexx Helmets to develop the Haber Air Flow Technology (HAFT) powered motorcycle helmet ventilation system for an as-yet-unamed Nexx helmet.

The Haber Air Flow Technology system (report) was first described in this article entitled “The Haber Ventilator”, reported by at the 2011 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana in February.

Steve Haber and Bill Nolan, the principals at Habervision, met with Helder Loureiro, the Managing Director of Nexx Helmets at the 2011 EICMA show in Milan to discuss progress (photo below).

The HAFT system consists of sensors, two small fans, a computer-controlled switch assembly and a rechargeable battery. The motorcycle helmet that will house the HAFT ventilation system will be specially designed and homologated with the system installed.

When the HAFT system is engaged, the sensor turns on the variable speed fan to pull air through the chin bar, up across the back of the face shield and out the back of the helmet. The rider can change the air flow by using a rheostat to control the fan speed or override the humidity sensor that is part of the system.

The HAFT system is currently used in the Haber Eliminator, “The world’s only automated no-fog fan goggles”, used for winter sports.

Several other motorcycle helmet manufacturers are in discussions with Habervision to develop a HAFT system for their products, and hopefully we’ll see a HAFT-enabled motorcycle helmet sometime in 2012.

Steve Haber (left) and Bill Nolan (right) from Habervision discussing the details of the HAFT system with Helder Loureiro from Nexx Helmets.
Steve Haber (L), Helder Loureiro (Center) and Bill Nolan (R) at EICMA 2011.