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Facelifted 2021 ZX-10R Spotted In Australia

H2 Inspired ZX Bikes On the Way

The ZX-10R has gone quite some time without much of a visual update beyond a few small tweaks here and there. With the H2 bringing entirely new design language to the Kawaski lineup, it was only a matter of time before they started introducing some of the fast-looking elements to their full-fairing street bike lineup.

Kawasaki announced they would unveil a total of six completely redesigned bikes on the 23rd of November, and it appears at first glance as though the ZX would be omitted from the release, once again. With Euro5 complications throwing a wrench into pretty much every major OEM’s plans it’s safe to assume the ZX should see an overhaul sooner than later though

Luckily for our green-blooded readers, it appears as though two updated models were spotted in Austrailia with photos to back it up. As I mentioned previously, the front end has been very obviously redesigned after the highly successful H2; but why shouldnt it be? The H2 has been been a complete game-changer for Kawasakis branding and it only makes sense for them to sprinke some of that ‘success spice’ over their lineup of sub $30,000 literbikes as well.

The H2 has a single headlamp in the front end, while these updated 10’s appear to feature two headlights worked into the front end – which in my opinion looks much better than the H2’s single light.

The tank and fairings appear to also get an update, so it’s nice to see Kawasaki putting a little more effort into the bike than a mere front-end facelift..

Kawasaki has aimed their new product launch for the 23rd of this month, so it’s safe to assume we’ll get more details then.