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Ewan McGregor Performs Motorcycle Jump on the Tonight Show

Jumping Over Himself While Riding a Honda Monkey

Ewan McGregor tonight show

Ewan McGregor and Jimmy Fallon had a bit of fun on the Tonight Show recently. Ewan was there (virtually) to help promote the Long Way Up.

Fallon and his team had sent out a request prior to the interview to have Ewan do a jump on a Honda Monkey over an Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure. So, Ewan was essentially jumping over himself.

The jump itself is little more than a couple of pieces of wood cobbled together. It looks like something me and my brother used to build to jump our BMX bikes off of. But the little mini-ramp is perfect for the Honda Monkey. 

The video is expertly shot. Ewan calls out his daughter Anouk McGregor as the person behind the camera. He also made a point to say that one of the shots, where he’s going over the action figure and off the ramp where you can see under the bike, is his favorite.

“I’ve been making movies since ’92, and the shot of Obi-Wan with my bike coming over the top of his head and my tire comes into focus, that’s the best shot of my entire career,” McGregor said.

It’s fun and, of course, goofy, but maybe that’s what we need a little of in 2020.