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Doug Lampkin Trains “Riders for Health” Workers in Lesotho

Riders for Health

Yes, the 12 World Trials Championship Rider

Riders for Health couriers use motorcycles to get much-needed healthcare to remote areas of southern Africa. In order to do that, they need to be able to ride the stink out of their little Suzuki DR200 motorcycles. According to Motorcycle News, Doug Lampkin is in Lesotho training these couriers on how to do just that. 

The publication says that Lampkin uses his trials riding expertise to find some of the toughest real-world obstacles to help the riders learn how to handle their bikes in difficult situations. According to Motorcycle News, his moves on his bike elicit audible gasps from the trainees at certain points.

Despite this Lampkin expressed that he is actually impressed with the riders he’s training. “These guys are much better riders than I’d expected them to be,” Dougie tells me during a brief rest stop. “They’re trials riders, they just don’t know they are.”

Lampkin said that the experience actually has changed his life. Through his experience training the riders, he’s learned how valuable motorcycles and motorcycling is to healthcare for this area. “A motorcycle really is the only viable vehicle in these places,” he said. Motorcycle News does a great in-depth write-up on the adventure, and one of its riders went along with Lampkin during the experience. It’s worth a read. You can check it out via the link in the first paragraph.