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Denali Cansmart Controller + D4 / B6 Lights Installation & Video Review

Denali Cansmart Controller on KTM motorcycle in forest

Adding lights and other electrical devices to your bike can give you a lot of additional capabilities, but it can also be a headache—not to mention, a liability—to mess with the wiring loom on your bike. Fortunately, certain devices can allow you to add these accessories without ever going near those complex systems.

The Denali Cansmart Controller is one such device, designed specifically to provide plug-and-play installation and seamless control of electric add-ons for your motorcycle. It’s supposed to make adding spotlights, high-powered horns, auxiliary brake lights, and other extras quick and easy for riders.

Our Review of the Denali Cansmart Controller & D4 / B6 Lights

I installed the Denali Cansmart Controller on his KTM 790 Adventure back in June 2021 along with two Denali D4 Trioptic LED lights and a B6 auxiliary brake light.

I ran this combination for 6000 miles in heat, cold, rain, mud, and everything else trying to break it.

This video shows one way to install these awesome farkles on the 790 and explains how the products performed in the hands of an adventure riding addict. Oh yeah—I put them to the test, and I tell it like it is.

Denali Electronics and Twisted Throttle supplied the parts at no cost for the purposes of this review.

Summary & Final Thoughts on the Denali Cansmart Controller & D4 / B6 Lights

One things’ for sure: these lights sure are bright. And the system as a whole is very effective (although you’ll need to shell out for some extra parts if you want to set it up the way I did).

If you want the flexibility to control lights and other circuits, this is probably the system for you. But Denali also offers simpler systems at lower prices, like the DialDim (if you don’t need all the bells and whistles on this one).


  • D4 / B6 Lights are very bright
  • High-quality compatible light brackets available from Denali (sold separately)
  • Indicator light in Cansmart controller alerts you when something is wired incorrectly
  • Kit and lights are easy to install compared to many other similar kits


  • Plastics on motorcycle must be removed before kit can be installed
  • Only compatible horn for the Cansmart controller is the Soundbomb horn
  • Connectors can be a little tricky


  • Manufacturer: Denali
  • Price when tested: $990 (total)
    • $429 (D4 lights)
    • $260 (Cansmart controller)
    • $33 (handlebar switch)
    • $40 (Y-splitter)
    • $110 (B6 auxiliary brake light)
    • $118 (aluminium light-mounting brackets)
  • Review Date: December 14, 2021

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