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CARDO Coaches Program Provides Discounts on PACKTALK Headphones

A view of coaches training racers and using the Cardo Systems Packtalk headphones

Cardo Systems is providing discounts on their brand new PACKTALK Headphones for a program called “Cardo Coaches” – and instructors looking for wireless instruction in loud environs will be able to benefit from the opt-in resource. 

A view of riders benefitting from the comm units courtesy of Cardo Systems comm units

Cardo Systems’ pedigree in wireless com devices stretches as far back as the first decade of Y2K when they started selling the world’s first wireless Bluetooth earpieces for early cellphones under the brand name “Scala”. 

The huge success of this release launched the company into their present brand name – Cardo – as well as a slew of further devices.

A view of Cardo's - and the world's - first rider-to-rider intercom

We’re talking records for the ‘world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth device’ in 2004, the ‘world’s first built-in radio’ in 2005, ‘world’s first rider-to-rider intercom’ in 2007, as well as similar records in long-distance communications, music-sharing, natural language control…the list, as they say, goes on.

A view of the Cardo System Packtalk headphones, complete with comm unit cradle
Cardo Systems PACKTALK headphones

Today, Cardo’s PACKTALK Headphones feature noise-canceling earmuffs and a nicely positioned boom mic for high-quality audio (courtesy of JBL audio systems). 

The headphones even have a built-in cradle for the toughened main comm unit, along with the nifty ability to unlock the unit from the headset to a helmet of choice, and vice versa. 

A view of the Cardo System Slim comm unit
Cardo System Slim

This means riders can instruct from the sidelines with the headset, and when it is their turn, simply snap the same comm unit into their own helmet cradle before mounting a bike and making a demonstration. 

The package is ludicrously useful – and guarantees a more efficient and constructive real-time coaching session.

A view of the Dynamic Mesh option available in specific comm units of Cardo Systems

“We’re excited to introduce our coach’s program and welcome coaches and instructors all over the world into the Cardo family,” says Cardo Systems Chief Marketing Officer Dan Emodi. 

“With the Cardo Coaches program, we now make Cardo’s industry-leading products even more accessible to coaches and their students. The Cardo PACKTALK Headphones eliminate unwanted downtime and maximize each training season by allowing coaches to provide in-the-moment feedback directly into the student’s helmet.”

Instructors that sign up for the Cardo Coaches Program will receive 20% off a PACKTALK bundle, including a set of the new PACKTALK Headphones with either the PACKTALK BOLD DUO set or a solo PACKTALK BOLD unit. 

There are additional perks once you’re in, too – VIP benefits include special discounts, exclusive promotions, early access and sneak peeks to new products, and more.

A view of a user featuring the new Caro System Packtalk headphones, complete with comm unit

Know someone that would benefit from this discount? Have them visit to check out the deal – and make sure to hit up wBW’s 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communication Devices for 2021 if you’re looking for a Bluetooth device to stick to your favorite lid.