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Aussie roads ravaged by flood waters

Riders urged to exercise caution

Water crossings

This 2021/22 summer will be a wet one in the eastern states of Australia due to the La Nina weather phenomenon, prompting police to urge riders to exercise caution during floods.

If large four-wheel-drive vehicles can be washed away off flooded roads, then what chance does a light motorcycle have?

As we say in Queensland, “If it’s flooded, forget it.”

Flooded roads can hide submerged hazards such as potholes or debris and they can flow dangerously fast.

It’s not the same as your normal creek crossing which you may have done hundreds of times. Water crossings

Flooded roads are unpredictable.

Remember, it is not only dangerous to cross flooded waters, but also illegal to ignore road-closed signage.

Police can fine motorists hundreds of dollars for negligent driving if they attempt to cross flood waters and get stuck, requiring rescue.

Flood waters can take a lot of time to subside, so remain vigilant and cautious.

Click here for more details about road hazards after heavy rain.

And after the floods, the roads will be badly damaged, so you still need to exercise some caution.

Roads departments have already announced that they are scanning the road networks for damage and will switch from incident response to focus on recovery and repairs as flood waters start to recede and people prepare for Christmas holiday travel.

So not only will roads be dangerously damaged, but there will likely be a lot of roadworks delays.

We suggest riders monitor regular media sources, including the SES website, Police facebook pages, the Bureau of Meteorology website, in NSW, Road Conditions in Queensland as well as local TV and radio.