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Aprilia Teases the RS 660 in a Weird Ad

Aprilia RS 660

Working Out, Motorcycles, Lions

Aprilia’s RS 660 will be a cool bike. I’ve written about how the motorcycle has been spotted and the hype surrounding it. The company recently released a teaser for the bike, and it’s kind of an oddball. If you replaced the product with a fancy perfume or workout brand’s athletic wear, the ad would still work fine. 

I guess what I’m saying is that showing a stormy sky, having a dude dripping with sweat punch a punching bag, and a lion standing stoically doesn’t really tell me a darn thing about the bike. Also, the words that flash across the screen feel equally generic. The ad has the copy, “It’s time to work hard, get stronger, and stronger. Take a breath, and get ready to fight. New RS 660. Coming soon.” I’m not sure what working out has to do with a new Aprilia.

Despite the somewhat odd teaser, I’m still pumped for the new RS 660. It’s a move in the right direction for the company, I think. Aprilia will be able to target a whole new group of riders with this bike. Let’s just hope that not all of the advertising is like this. Thumbs up to the bike. Thumbs down to the weird teaser. You can watch the video below.