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Alpinestars Founder Sante Mazzarolo Dies at 91

sante mazzarolo
Image from Motociclismo

A Blow to the Motorcycling Community

Alpinestars is a household name in the home of motorcyclists and beyond. That’s thanks to the work of Santi Mazzarolo who founded the company. Mazzarolo died on May 1, 2020, according to Motociclismo. He was 91 years old and left a huge mark on the world with one of the best gear companies ever created.

Mazzarolo was a master leather craftsman and entrepreneur. He founded Alpinestars in 1963. At the time he was building leather boots for European motocross and enduro racers. He named the company after the English translation of the edelweiss flowers that grow in the Alps. 

Alpinestars gained popularity in the 1970s with Roger de Coster won the World Motocross Championship. He kept winning while partnered with the company, and he wasn’t the only one. Kenny Roberts won the 1978 GP World Championship wearing some Alpinestars boots. Today, the company and its gear are valued by pretty much anyone who rides motorcycles or participates in motorsports. 

Our sincere condolences go out to Mazzarolo’s friends and family. It is extremely sad to see that he passed, but he has made such an impact on the world with his work. His legacy will live on, and Gabriele, the president and CEO of Alpinestars and one of Mazzarolo’s three children, will keep the company going.