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5 Things You Need to Do After a Vehicular Accident

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There may be many ways that you can avoid an accident but if it happens, it is important to know what to do. You have no guarantee of a safe drive or ride on busy roads and that is why it is necessary to have information on what to do once your car or motorbike collides with another.

Below are some of things to do when you encounter a vehicular accident:

1. Stop and Relax

It is your obligation to stop and call your lawyer for legal advice when involved in motorcycle and car accidents. Do not drive off from the scene until you are sure that all the passengers and drivers are okay and it is the appropriate time to leave. Make sure those that need medical attention get it since if you run and someone dies, you will be charged with a hit and run case which is highly penalized. It may not be easy to keep calm especially if the accident has made a big damage but relax to be able to handle the situation. You are in a better position to make informed decisions when relaxed and calm.

2. Call the Police

You should call the police immediately when the accident happens especially if there is significant damage of property, severe injuries or loss of lives. Make sure the police that show up are qualified ones not to deal with quacks. You can ask to see their badges and note down the badge numbers.

3. Collect Information

You should get the names, addresses and numbers of the drivers and passengers involved in the accident. Collect driver’s license numbers, plate numbers and insurance information. If it is a motorcycle that has had an accident, get a first aid kit from other road users and administer first aid on the rider before getting them to the nearby medical facility.

4. Call your Insurance Company

It is important to notify your insurance company immediately you get involved in an accident and tell them the truth as to what has happened. Have a detailed report from the police at the scene of accident to point out who broke the traffic laws for easy compensation. Without all the information, your insurance company might not be in a position to compensate or cover the damage.

5. Visit the doctor

You may feel physically fit after an accident but it is important to have a medical check up to make sure you have no internal injuries. Request that the doctor gives you copies of all medical bills since they might be of help when claiming your medical cover. Also, keep all the doctor’s appointments and follow the medications given to you. This is good for your well-being.

Being involved in an accident is traumatizing and is also a moment full of high emotions. However, you need to have a sober mind before stepping out of your car. You can try breathing in and out to calm down. Knowing what to do when an accident happens, will help you face the situation and be able to handle it the appropriate way.

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