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AGV Ti-Tech Top Vents

AGV claims "titanium technology" in their description of the helmet shell for the Ti-Tech helmet line.  I'm not sure where the titanium is used, other than as decorative items on the top vents, the top rear exhaust vents and on the two exhaust vents on the lower rear section of the helmet.  The use of titanium for these parts must be a marketing gimmick -- we can see no other purpose for it, because surely a plastic part would be just as light weight in this application.

The titanium "scoops" have a positive acting lever on top that swing a cover over a hole in the helmet to allow air to flow.  The levers are shown in the open position in this photograph.  The air is directed in to the top of the helmet through channels in the foam lining and down to the rider's head through the mesh fabric in the top of the liner.

AGV Ti-Tech Top Vent Detail