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Ducati Maintenance and Repair

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Desmodromic Valve Adjustment: Ducati Desmoquattro Valve Adjustment at Ducati Tech  Pictorial guide to adjusting desmodromic valves  |  All sorts of examples of desmo engines from the "desmodromology" site by Henk Cloosterman; check out the list of all sorts of engines (with photos) using desmodromic technology  |  Desmo for Dummies; on the Ducati site  |  History of Desmodromic Timing; a nice, short and interesting article on the history of desmodromic valve actuation; on the Ducati site  |  Two valve Ducati desmodromic valve adjustment  |  New MBP collets claimed to extend the interval between valve adjustments to 18,000 miles; Learn more at Martin Brickwood Performance  |  The Andyman site has some technical tips and photos on installing MBP collets on a Ducati; click on "MBP" from the home page  |  Ducati desmodromic valve adjustment video  |  Neil Davies used to have a website with instructions on how to adjust Ducati valves; the website appears to have been taken down; if you know of a site with details on adjusting desmodromic valves, please let me know

Ducati Performance Parts:   Ducati engine case guard  |  Dymag carbon fiber wheels review  |  ST2 and ST4 headlight upgrade

Ducati Repair - Maintenance:  Also see the complete listing of all wBW Technical and Maintenance Articles  |  Brushes for cleaning alloy and stainless steel available at Machinery Cleanery; they also have a downloadable degree wheel for engine timing  |  Ducati valve collets claimed to extend the interval between valve adjustments to 18,000 miles  |  Martin Brickwood Performance Ducati engine and cylinder head performance  |  Desmodromic valve adjustment - see the desmo valve adjusting section below on this page  |  Check out the Tech Cafe at Ducati.com - articles about hydraulic brakes; the new ST4S with the 996 engine; diary of building the MH900e; how a 4-stroke engine works; and more  |  Ducatitech has info on (what else?) Ducatis  |  Ducati Suite has a Ducati maintenance schedule, Ducati technical articles on maintenance and performance and articles about adjusting desmo valves and belts  |  Here's a story about mounting Heli-bars on a 916  |  Another nice article from the Ducati Garage on some things you need to know before installing Heli-bars or a Karbacher seat on a 916  |  Installing a tachometer on a Monster 900  |  Monster single-sided swingarm conversion by Ducgirl  |  Parts diagrams, owner's manuals and other technical and maintenance information for Ducatis is available on the Ducati site  |  More on LED's for use as directionals on Ducatis  |  Moto One has a pretty neat Ducati Performance Notebook with information on upgrades and performance modifications for Ducatis  |  Manley Cycle has all sorts of Ducati performance tuning technical articles and test results  |  Lots of Ducati technical questions answered in the Ducati Technica Q&A section of the Ducatis Unlimited site  |  Richard's ST2 pages has tons of information on the Ducati ST2  |  For more technical articles, check out the wBW Ducati page

Fuel Injection: Fuel Injected Motorcycles - site with info and products for remapping fuel injection for BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda, etc.

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