Sunax Max Sunshield for Arai CT-Z

Sunax Sunshield Max Arai CT-Z Review

Sunax Max Sunshield for Arai CT-Z

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UPDATE: Sunax Sunshields Now Available in the U.S.A. at BMG, a webBikeWorld affiliate!


If ever a helmet needed a sun shade, the CT-Z is it.

So the good news is this: the Sunax Max Sunshield (review) fits the new Arai CT-Z (review)!

The CT-Z is a unique helmet that works well but it has a very large eye port, which can create glare for the wearer under certain conditions.

We have now confirmed that the Sunax Max Sunshield will indeed fit the CT-Z and helps to reduce glare.


The original Sunax Sunshield (review) was reviewed on webBikeWorld in September of 2010.

It's a precision-made device that fits between the liner and EPS on most helmets and it helps prevent glare.

The Sunax Sunshield is also road legal in Europe and it has become a popular accessory in the U.S.A.

The various types of Sunax Sunshields are imported and sold by British Motorcycle Gear, a webBikeWorld affiliate.

As mentioned in the original Sunax Sunshield review, there are many other ways to block sun glare, such as the el Cheapo Sun Shade described on webBikeWorld. But the Sunshield looks much better than a strip of electrical tape and it is also installed behind the face shield for added protection.

Sunax Sunshield Max Arai CT-Z
Sunax Sunshield with "Steel" tint.
British Motorcycle Gear
Sunax Sunshields
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Sunax Max Sunshield for the Arai CT-Z

Sunax developed a version of the Sunshield in 2011 to fit Arai helmets with their unique brow vent ports that open through the face shield. All of us have installed a Sunshield on our Arai helmets and we've been "happy campers" ever since.

When the Arai CT-Z (review) was announced recently, we weren't sure if the new open-face design would be compatible with the Sunax Max Sunshield for other Arai helmets. We can now report that it does indeed fit and that's a good thing, because this helmet really needed help.

And since the CT-Z is not currently sold in Europe, Sunax couldn't confirm that the Max Sunshield would fit the CT-Z.

The CT-Z is a nice helmet but we found that its large, open face shield and the shape of the eye port can mean a lot of sun glare when the sun is overhead at around the 10 and 2 o'clock positions. The Sunax Max blocks some of that glare, so it's a "must have" accessory for any CT-Z owner.

In fact, it would be even better if there was a Sunax "Super Max" Sunshield that was even wider and taller. The CT-Z could use it!

But in the meantime, we have at least confirmed that the standard Max Sunshield will fit.

Sunax Sunshield Max Arai CT-Z Color
Sunax Max Sunshield for Arai.
Sunax Sunshield Max Front Rear
Sunax Max Sunshield front and rear views.

The Sunax Sunshield is a unique device that helps block annoying sun glare. The Sunax Max Sunshield for Arai helmets will fit the new Arai CT-Z and our suggestion to Arai is to include one in the box. But until that happens (don't hold your breath!), you'll have to buy your own. No problem, because the Sunshield can be moved from helmet to helmet.

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Sunax Sunshields
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webBikeWorld Quick Look: Sunax Max Sunshield for Arai CT-Z
Manufacturer: Sunax
U.S. Sales: British Motorcycle Gear (wBW Affiliate)
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Colors: Steel, Blue. Made In: Germany
Review Date: October 2012
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