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2011 Powersports Dealer Expo Live Report

Bell RS-1
by Rick Korchak for
Report from the Powersports Dealer Expo 2011

Bell RS-1

Note: The Bell RS-1 review is now live.

The RS-1 slots between the Bell Vortex (review) and the top-of-the-line Bell Star (review).

That's a pretty small slice, because the Vortex is an excellent helmet that has many of the features of the Star at a street price of only $134.99.

The Bell RS-1 has a list price of $399.95 and it uses a fiberglass and Kevlar shell composite, which should reduce the weight also.

More details as they become available and we'll learn more about the Bell RS-1 as we complete the evaluation for the review!

Bell RS-1 Helmet
Bell RS-1
The Bell RS-1 "Panic Zone".
Bell RS-1
The Bell RS-1 "Victory Blue".
Bell RS-1 Motorcycle Helmet
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Bell RS-1
The Bell RS-1 "Victory Red".
Bell RS-1
The Bell RS-1 "Shattered".
Motorcycle Helmets
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