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I have a whole herd of helmets, and one of these days, I have to figure out a better way to store them.  Their current resting place is a rather haphazard lineup on the floor of my office.  

Most helmets come with an El Cheapo helmet bag (more like a helmet sock), but apparently I don't have the 3 hands necessary to work these sock bags over the helmet, so I usually end up storing my helmets naked. 

And since the sock-type bags don't have a handle, they sure don't offer any help for carrying the load.  

The result?  Various scratches, dents, and nicks that seem to mysteriously appear...

Well, here's a solution -- Hardline Products makes a couple of different style helmet bags that are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and will give your helmet a nice, warm, fleece-lined home.  

The Hardline helmet bags are made from 600 denier nylon, which is some of the same stuff used in riding jackets and pants.  They're also double-stitched and have corrosion-resistant zippers.

The Hardline Products basic helmet bag is just that -- basic living quarters for your brain bucket.  It has a thin layer of soft fleece completely lining the interior, it will fit over any helmet I've tried with room to spare (but not so much room as to make it look baggy), and it has a handy carrying handle.

The deluxe helmet bag is rectangular in shape and has several nice features.  The bottom of the deluxe bag is made from a thicker vinyl, and it has 4 rubber feet for added protection.  The sides and top of this bag are lined with foam, which also adds to the protection factor.  

There are also two zippered pockets on either side on the outside of the bag; they're about 16.5cm deep (6.5") and about 24cm long (9.5").  The outside of one side of the bag also has a mesh pocket, which is useful for storing sunglasses, a small notebook or a cell phone.  

This bag also has a small, lined zippered pocket on the front that's handy for storing keys.  The shape of the bag provides some extra room in the front to store visors or tear-offs, which can be stowed by bending them around the front of the helmet.

It would probably be best to store the visors in a protective sack prior to putting them in the helmet bag (see the wBW review of the Roadgear Visor Sock).  The deluxe bag also has a double handle with a "hook and loop" fabric cover that keeps the two handles secured and forms a padded area that makes it easy to carry.

The blue bag shown in the photographs above and to the left is the Hardline Products nylon travel bag.  This bag can be used either for overnight bike trips or any time you're traveling.  It measures about 26cm (10") long by 19cm (7.5") wide. 

It has a small zippered mesh pocket on the outside flap and a top-mounted handle that makes it easy to carry.  Open the travel bag and you'll find a 60mm (2.5") suction cup that allows you to hang the bag by a mirror or other hard surface. 

There are various pockets and compartments inside the travel bag for storage of toothpaste, combs, razors, travel-sized hair dryers and other morning accoutrements.  A neat feature is the removable compartment sack inside, which has its own suction cup and allows you to hang it somewhere also to help spread out all your necessities. 

The travel bag is big enough to hold just about any number of toilet articles that you'd need for any trip.  I travel a lot, and I plan on using this bag as my primary toilet kit.

The Hardline Products bags are nicely made, inexpensive soft goods that can help make your next trip just a bit easier.

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Product Review:  Hardline Products Helmet Bag - Travel Bag
Available From:  Hardline Products Made in:  Viet Nam
Suggested Retail Price:  Helmet Bag $23.95; Deluxe Bag $29.95; Travel Bag $19.95.  Color:  Helmet bags - black; travel bag - blue.
Product Comments:  Relatively inexpensive way to protect your helmets.  Travel bag has some useful features.
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