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webBikeWorld Home Page Revision Notes

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September 23, 2013 -  The webBikeWorld home page has been revised starting today for only the third time in nearly 14 years!

Back in 1999 when I started webBikeWorld, most computers were running -- get this -- Windows 98! Remember it? Computer monitors had 800x600 pixel resolution. Amazing!

The webBikeWorld home page was revised around 2006 and it held up pretty well for the next 7 years. I have never published an advertisement on the home page and never will; in fact, my strategy has always been to try and limit the number of advertisements and keep the focus on the products.

Now, after nearly 14 years and over 4,500 hand-crafted, hand-coded pages -- including nearly 1,500 detailed webBikeWorld product reviews -- one of the biggest headaches is trying to figure out a way to map all that information so that visitors to the site can find it.

There's just so much information that trying to list even all the reviews on one page quickly becomes overwhelming for both the webBikeWorld visitor and it's also a nightmare to try and keep updated.

So I recently revised the main webBikeWorld Product Reviews index page to direct visitors to individual category pages for each subject or product. These pages list the relevant reviews and information and I think that has cleaned up the Product Reviews index page.

Next, I revised the webBikeWorld home page, eliminating the text-based menu on the left (the menu that appears to the left of the text you are now reading) by moving it to a CSS 3.0 drop-down menu bar across the top. This allows more room for the ever-changing list of new product reviews and other articles. The photo size has been increased and more "white space" provides better visibility.

The home page continues to display optimally when the cell phone is placed in landscape mode (horizontally). Someday, perhaps I'll have the time to create a separate mobile website, but I actually think we are seeing a convergence of mobile and desktop website formats that work on any device and I think that is a worthy goal.

The webBikeWorld Facebook page and the webBikeWorld Google+ page subscribers helped with the feedback and testing of the revised home page and I hope everyone else likes the changes as well. My biggest worry is redirecting visitors from the old text menu that used to appear in the left column to the drop-down menu across the top.

And don't forget to use the Google webBikeWorld custom search box, found on every webBikeWorld page. Google indexes every single page on the site -- a fantastic way to dig deep and find all the information you're looking for.

As always, if you have any comments or feedback, please send it to me at

Thanks for your support!

Rick Korchak
Owner, Editor and Publisher


More wBW:  Motorcycle Reviews  |  Product Reviews  |  Helmet Reviews

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