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AKE Powercom Intercom Review

AKE PowerCom Motorcycle Intercom Review
AKE Electronics PowerCom ROGER One Intercom System
by H.B.C. for

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Part 3: Addendum, Tech Info and the AKE Accessories

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Additional accessories supplied by AKE increased headset mounting options and allowed more detailed control and interface tests - all very much appreciated.

  1. Mini spiral cord kit for flip-up helmet use (Article No. 32330) extends the standard microphone connection cord length to accommodate the additional distance or extension needed when the flip portion of the helmet is extended up.
  2. A goose-neck microphone, PBM 1 (Article No. 32351) allows flexibility in mounting the microphone component of a headset and can be used with all other PowerCom components.
  3. Microphone windsock (Article No. 32333) high quality, especially flocked to provide a soft touch surface and maximum wind noise suppression was included.
  4. PowerCom Operating Device (Article No. 33354), a mini-control module that provides: manual switching between iVOX and PTT; a button for muting audio to the rider but not the intercom user; and, ENT or enter button to answer and end mobile phone calls.

Supplied Accessory - Alan 456R PMR446 Radio
Having the Alan 456R radios was essential so that initial device tests could be done, allowing data to be collected and features validated. Although not available (approved) for North American use, it has a couple of unique features, one being a built-in intercom capability with the optional MA40 kit, full duplex mode between rider and passenger is provided.

Powercom Connected Devices
Input/Output Connections and Measurements

Power Connector Lead Cable 46 cm 18 in Large DIN/5-pin

Power Harness Cable 100 cm 39.3 in 5-pin/5-wire

Red - 12v positive

Black - 12V negative

Yellow - security (optional)

Green - relay (optional)

Blue - helmet/power detec (optional)

Driver Connector Cable 73 cm 28.5 in Small DIN

Intercom Connector Cable 74 cm 29 in Small DIN

Phone/Radio Connector (D) Cable 24 cm 9.5 in Small DIN

Remote Control Connector (R) Cable 25 cm 9.75 in Small DIN

33355 iVOX Activator Terminator Plug n/a n/a Small DIN

31323 Helmet Set HighVoice, for full face Kit

Headset connection harness/flex cable Cable 58 to 250 cm 23 to 98 inches Large DIN to 2/3 pin connectors

Microphone connection Wire pair 29 cm 11.5 in 2 wire to connector

Right side speaker connection Wire pair 48 cm 17.8 in 2-wire

Left side speaker connection Wire pair 14 cm 5.5 in 2-wire to 3-pin

31336 Helmet Set, HighSound, for multi-type Kit

Headset connection harness Cable 21 cm 8.2 in Large DIN to connectors

Headset connection extension cable Cable 50 to 200 cm 19 to 79 inches Large DIN

Microphone connection flex cable Cable 29 cm 11.5 in 2 pin connector

Right side speaker connection Wire pair 48 cm 17.8 in 2 wire to left hand side

Left side speaker connection Wire pair 14 cm 5.5 in 2 wire to 3 pin connector

32351 Gooseneck microphone kit Kit 18 cm 7.0 in 2 pin connector

32330 Flex connector extension for micophone Kit 2 pin connector

33354 PowerCom Operating Device (manual control) Device

Module Connection Cable 27 cm 10.6 in Small DIN

Connection Cable Cable 200 cm 79 in Small DIN

33337 Adapter 2-way radio, double jack plug style Cable 170 cm 67 in Small DIN/2.5mm/3.5mm

33375 CB Radio Adapter Cable 200 cm 78.7 in Small DIN/4-way/3.5mm

33356 Kenwood Radio Adapter Cable Small DIN/2.5mm 3-pole

31340 Bluetooth Helmet Set 101 with PB-HC2 Kit

Bluetooth Control Module Device 1.8 x 11.6 x .6 cm .7 x 4.5 x .25 in 3 connectors for microphone, speakers and battery

Flex cable helmet connector Cable

Helmet speaker set Device 3 pin connector

Right side speaker cable Wire pair 48 cm 17.8 in 2 wire to left side

Left side speaker cable Wire pair 14 cm 5.5 in 2 wire to 3 pin connector

Helmet microphone Wire pair 29 cm 11.5 in 2 wire to 2 pin connector

Li-Polymer Battery, 120 mAh Power 4.0 x 1.5 cm 1.5 x 1/2 in 2 wire to 2 pin connector

PB-HC2 Pair N Go Bluetooth Module Module 7 x 4 x 2 cm 2.75 x 1.6 x .8 in Large DIN, 6 pin

Travel Charger with 220 plug Power 220v plug

3088 Li-ion-Polymer Battery, 750 mAH Power 2 wire to 2 pin connector

AKE ROGER One Intercom Accessories
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Kenwood Cable Adapter AKE Bluetooth Modules AKE iVOX Activator
Kenwood Radio Cable Bluetooth Module iVOX Activator
AKE PowerCom Accessories Adapter Cable for GMRS FRS Radio CB Radio Adapter Cable
Accessories FRS Radio Cable CB Radio Cable
More AKE ROGER One Intercom Accessories
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750 mAh Battery Pack PB-HC2 Module Gooseneck Microphone
Battery Pack Bluetooth Modules Gooseneck Microphone
AKE PowerCom Operating Device Spiral Power Cord Microphone Wind Sock
PowerCom Operating Device Spiral Power Cord Microphone Wind Sock
AKE PowerCom Wiring Harness on Tank Bag
AKE PowerCom Wiring Harness
Power Harness Installation

The first section of the two piece power harness has five lead wires mated to a flat 5-pin male connector which is then mated to the control module power cable section.

The five wires are assigned the following functions:

For protection and handling the power harness was wrapped in flexible wire wrap and routed up inside the tank-bag bracket that resides along the bottom edge of the dummy panel, then up the back of the panel to the tank-bag, temporary home for the ROGER One.

Using only the red and black leads initially, the other three were taped up, then collectively wrapped and secured to the top battery clamp, out of the way.

The module is Bluetooth v2.0, Class 1 (100mW) with a 10 metre range and it features an integrated booster to keep signals clear even in high noise environments. The low profile, long-life battery has an energy saving mode. The microphone is noise compensated and has a foam windsock to help as well. The loudspeakers are dynamic transducers housed in a waterproof membrane.

In This Series:

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wBW Review: AKE PowerCom Intercom System
Manufacturer: AKE Electronics
List Price (2008): $425.00
Colours: Matte black.
Made In: Germany
Sizes: N/A
Review Date: April 2008

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