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wBW Quick Look: Schuberth Neck Roll Broken Pin Fix - After breaking pins on two Schuberth helmet neck rolls and not wanting to spend 40 bucks on a new one, we came up with a cheap 'n' quick fix.
Racer Profile D3O Shorts Review - Comfortable stretchy shorts for long-distance riding also have "embedded" D3O protectors for added safety.
Sena 3S-WB - wBW Quick Look at the new 3S-WB with detachable boom mic. We asked for it and Sena delivered! Best intercom you can buy for less than $90.00? Certainly the smallest!
Cobrra Nemo 2 Chain Oiler Review - A manually pressurized chain oiler needs no electricity and works very nicely. It's easy to install and uses any type of oil and works in cold or hot weather.
2016 BMW Scooters - New C650GT and C650 Sport announced today with updated colors and many new features!
Racer Traveller Gloves Review - Waterproof street and touring gloves with the mcFIT liner are available in sizes for both men and women.
Motorcycle Dash Cam Comparison - A webBikeWorld reader compares three action cameras in a front and rear simultaneous video recording setup. Includes a preview of the INNOVV K1 camera kit, which records front and rear video and includes a GPS recorder and map playback system.
MADSTAD Windshield Review - Excellent quality cast acrylic windshield available to fit many different motorcycle makes and models works very nicely to reduce buffeting and noise.
BMW Navigator Street GPS - BMW announces a new entry-level GPS made by Garmin that will hopefully be less expensive (and work better) than the current dedicated motorcycle GPS units.
Kabuto RT33 Helmet Review - New addition to the Kabuto lineup splits the difference between the FF-5V and Aeroblade III.
Pilot Slate Air Jacket and Vanguard Air High-Viz Vest Review - Inexpensive mesh jacket with all the features you need plus a high-visibility vest that works with the Slate Air jacket or any other jacket.
Motorcycle Handlebar End Weights - Quick Look, discussion and ruminations on handlebar end weights, featuring the Sato Racing handlebar end cap.
Kabuto Ibuki Helmet Review - Solid first flip-up from Kabuto has excellent upper ventilation and a very comfortable and relatively quiet interior. Is that enough to beat the current segment leader?
Pilot Visto Air Jacket Review - Mesh jacket for hot weather, with the emphasis on high-visibility and value.
Interphone Pro Case for iPhone 6 Review - Waterproof handlebar mounting solution for carrying an iPhone 6 and 6+ on the motorcycle.
Racer Grip Gloves Review - New for 2015, these street sport gloves have plenty of protection, comfort and a bit of ventilation.
Skene Design Photon Blaster Review - Powerful LED conspicuity lights can also be used as auxiliary turn signals.
Schuberth M1 Helmet Review - Beautifully made and a nice design with a fully integrated M1 SRC Bluetooth intercom system. But it will cost you dearly... (NOTE: Updated with accessory information August 13, 2015.)
BMW S1000XR Review - New "adventure sport" bike from BMW blurs the lines between street, standard, sport, touring and adventure. First impressions with more to come...
Held Sambia Gloves Review - Another hot-weather riding glove, these have excellent quality and ventilation along with a good array of protective features.
Motorcycle Mirror Extenders Review - Another (quick) look at mirror extenders, these are the wedge type that fit motorcycles with mirrors mounted on a fairing.
Denali Soundbomb Horn Review - A big horn replacement for the Stebel Nautilus Compact with a 120 dB high-pitched sound and good reliability. UPDATED with correct horn mounting orientation.
Klim Induction Gloves Review - Protection, hot-weather ventilation and quality in a short or long gauntlet.
Arai Corsair-X Preview - Arai revamps the venerated Corsair with a new ventilation system, face shield and lots more.
SHAD Zulupack Review - The SHAD SW22 tank bag, SW42 panniers and SW55 travel bag work on and off the bike as waterproof luggage or can be converted to a backpack for travel or hiking.
REV'IT! Jersey and Philly Jeans Review - Are these the perfect compromise between comfort and safety? They're both good-looking, comfortable and have excellent abrasion resistance. Your choice: dark or light blue.
Nexx XT1 Review - Forget everything you think you knew about Nexx and behold their new top-of-the-line supersport helmet!
Cardo Packtalk Review - Super high-tech intercom system has the new Cardo "Dynamic Meshwork Communication" feature with real-time, full-duplex, self-healing group communications and more. UPDATE: Added range/distance evaluation in DMC and Bluetooth mode (September 27).
Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review - Yet another attempt to find a modern electronic solution to motorcycle helmet noise.
BMW Dynamic Brake Light - BMW gets into the "smart" brake light game with a new system for 2016. Includes 2 videos describing the system and illustrating how it works.
Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket Review - Take your basic Phoenix mesh jacket, add a few bells and whistles and a puzzling type of reflective material that doesn't really reflect and what do you get?
CMS GTRS Carbon DNA Helmet Review - Ultra light weight carbon fiber helmet with solid construction and a beautiful design is hand made in Portugal and it's reasonably priced.
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