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2006 Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster S4RS

Photos and text courtesy of Ducati Motor S.p.A.

The Monster is the original, unique “naked” motorcycle.  Launched to rave reviews in the 1990s, it has become a cult classic.  Today, more than ever, it is a modern motorcycling legend, the bike of choice of top designers, Hollywood stars and Formula One racing drivers.

The Monster is a “street fighter” that offers outstanding sport bike performance together with a style that has often been imitated but never equaled.

In addition, the Ducati Performance Accessories catalogue, which is included with each bike, is bursting with ideas to customize your bike and improve its performance.  You can get gorgeous, airbrushed fuel tanks, accessories machined from solid aluminum, carbon fiber, high performance exhaust systems and hundreds of special parts to make each and every Monster even more unique.

The Monster family offers a choice of air or liquid-cooled, two and four-valve Desmo engines. The Superbike derived trellis frame, powerful engines with fuel injection, plus braking and suspension systems that are all derived from our experience in the racing world.

For 2006 the Monster family includes the 620 and 620 Dark, joined by the aggressive, high performance SR models: S2R, S2R Dark, S4R and the new S2R 1000 and S4Rs Testastretta.

MONSTER 620 and 620 DARK
The 620 is the perfect introduction to the Monster family: its classic, minimalist style expresses the philosophy that has won over a generation of riders.  The Monster 620 can satisfy the needs of a wide range of motorcyclists, thanks to features that make it easy to ride and own, like a low seat height, a comfortable riding position and low maintenance costs.

With its matte black finish, the strikingly clean and essential lines of the Monster 620 are accentuated in the Dark version.  The Monster 620 Dark is also the value choice of the family. The 620 is the perfect introduction to the Monster family: its classic, minimalist style expresses the philosophy that has won over a generation of riders.

The air-cooled, two-valve 618 cc engine, with an advanced fuel injection system derived from our race bikes is extremely reliable and its smooth power delivery makes for easy spirited riding from city streets to mountain passes.

The APTC clutch, developed exclusively for Ducati, makes the 620 even friendlier, safer and more comfortable. This unique system provides clutch lever pull that is amazingly light, while it also assists in reducing abrupt downshifts that can produce destabilizing rear wheel chatter.  The clutch, as well as the lowered seat, make this an ideal bike for women too. The six-speed transmission ensures spirited acceleration and an immediate response at all times.

And good news for European riders under 21 and those who have had a motorcycle license for less than two years: a 25 kw power limited version that complies with the European Commission standards allows new riders the chance to experience Monster style and performance.

The essential look of the Dark version S2R comes from its understated classic matte black finish and traditional steel handlebars.  Those who want to enter the Monster universe with a bigger bang, in terms of both styling and performance, need look no further than the S2R.

As the years have gone by and the Monster phenomenon grows, the family has also evolved and extended to include a “street fighter” philosophy. The more aggressive Monster SR bikes were born, with a meaner, more modern look, a more sports-style chassis and a higher level of performance.

As the years have gone by and the Monster phenomenon grows, the family has also evolved and extended to include a “street fighter” philosophy.  The more aggressive Monster SR bikes were born, with a meaner, more modern look, a more sports-style chassis and a higher level of performance.

Its air-cooled 803 cc L-twin engine strikes a perfect balance between peak power and torque. It delivers sports-level performance, yet is balanced, reliable and easy to tame, thanks in part to the racing-derived electronic fuel injection system.

MONSTER S2R 1000 (See the wBW Monster S2R page for more information and photos)
The new Monster S2R 1000 is a blend of sport and character: the power of the dual spark engine combines with the trellis frame to pack a punch into every corner.  The S2R 1000 is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the “mean” look of the SR series with more power and the beauty and simplicity advantages of an air-cooled engine.

Our most powerful air-cooled Monster is driven by the 992 cc Dual Spark engine, which delivers 95 hp and 9.6 kgm (69.4 lb-ft) of torque and is highly efficient and ultra-reliable.

The 1000 DS engine was developed with specific objectives in mind: increased power, overall simplification, reduced working temperature, improved reliability and less weight. Starting with the heads, there are two spark plugs per cylinder and camshafts that rotate on oil pressurized plain bearings and not ball bearings - which reduces the number of moving parts and aids heat dissipation.

The Dual Spark solution gives more complete combustion and boosts power, especially at low and medium rpm. A reduction of the angle between intake and exhaust valves has improved the shape and reduced the volume of the combustion chamber, resulting in more efficient combustion, allowing greater compression and more power.

The Showa forks and Sachs rear shock, ensure confident road-holding and are adjustable for pre-load and rebound, allowing you to adjust your bike to suit your personal riding style and load conditions. The high performance Brembo brake system provides the finishing touch to the standard equipment.

The Monster S2R 1000 is environmentally responsible and complies with Euro3 emission control standards.

MONSTER S4R (See the wBW Monster S4R page for more information and photos)
The S4R is the first-born of the ultra-performance Monster SR series, inheriting the award-winning 996 engine and lightweight trellis frame from its Superbike parentage to ensure an exhilarating combination of power and handling.

The L-twin cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected Desmoquattro 996 pours out power and torque throughout the rev range.  A broad linear power delivery and sure handling combine to let you accelerate out of corners in perfect control.  Short, precision-mesh gearing gives lightning-fast acceleration:  A close ratio six speed gearbox can thrust you quickly turn to turn, or if you’re looking for a smooth, flowing ride you can forget the gearbox and make the most of the tractable engine by just using the throttle. With 117 hp and a dry weight of 181 kg (399 lbs), every twist of the throttle means excitement and and sports riding thrills.

The suspension system features a fully adjustable, TiN-treated Showa fork up front, improving the response of the suspension to uneven road surfaces.  The rear shock is also by Showa and is fully adjustable so it can be adapted to your own riding style and load conditions.  The S4R is fitted with high performance Brembo brakes: twin 320 mm discs at the front and a 6 mm thick disk at the rear.

Considerable ground clearance lets you lean aggressively into the corners and make the most of the S4R’s road holding qualities. Moreover, variable cross-section aluminum handlebars and adjustable brake and clutch levers further improve the ergonomics of this thoroughly modern bike, created to enhance the thrills of sports riding. The S4R features carbon fiber details like the front mudguard and radiator covers.

Ducati Monster S4R

The legendary Testastretta engine now powers the leading street fighter motorcycle.  Designed with the most experienced riders in mind, who expect the best in terms of technology, performance and componentry, the Monster S4Rs sets a new standard in the category, benefiting from all the experience gained in the World Superbike Championship.

The L-twin Testastretta engine is a milestone on the historic journey of sports motorcycles. Testastretta technology allows a reduced angle between the intake and exhaust valves.  The result is a clean, compact combustion chamber that is also highly efficient: the flat-crown pistons provide a perfectly smooth combustion environment and linear flame front.  The special design of the heads, together with the cutting-edge electronic engine control system, guarantees optimal combustion throughout the rev range and makes for smooth, potent power delivery.

The Testastretta engine features a piston stroke of 63.5 mm and a bore of 100 mm: the short stroke limits average piston speed to allow increased RPMs and improve overall reliability.  An exclusive oil pump feeding system is built into the deep sump crankcase to ensure an even oil flow rate during the most dramatic acceleration and braking, or extreme cornering.

The chassis and running gear on this bike are unparalleled.  The fully adjustable Öhlins suspension at both ends is complemented by 5 Y-shaped spoke rims that improve the rigidity/weight ratio compared to traditional wheels and enable a reduction of the unsprung weight for better handling.

The 320 mm twin disc Brembo brakes on the front have radial-mounted calipers with four pistons and four pads. Radial-mounting guarantees a more rigid caliper-fork mount assembly, thus improving the efficiency of the brake system.

Several details – the silencer cover, exhaust heat plate, front mudguard and cam belt covers are produced in carbon fiber, contributing to the overall weight reduction and making this Monster look even more exclusive. Even a top performance bike such as this can be environmentally responsible, as the Monster S4Rs Testastretta complies with the stringent Euro3 emission control standards.

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