wBW Comment Guidelines

Note:  Many comments are received; not every comment is posted! This is one of the reasons why we do not have an automated commenting system. 

Comments must be thoughtfully composed, with user experiences or useful feedback, either positive or negative.

Negative feedback must be presented in a neutral, non-accusatory tone and include a detailed explanation of the issue(s) and suggestions for improving the product.

Comments which provide no valuable insight, such as "this product is junk" or "this product stinks", etc. or which don't describe the problem in a neutral tone will not be published. 

Comments regarding purchasing experiences are usually not posted because it's not possible to validate both sides of the issue.

Also, any comments that have the appearance of originated from parties with an interest in the product (i.e., a manufacturer, retailer or related parties) will not be published and in some cases, the comments section for that article will be closed and comments will no longer be accepted.

We think these rules add much more value to the reviews and helps to make the articles more useful for our readers - The Editor.