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OGK FF-3 motorcycle helmet

OGK FF-3 "Crash Test"!

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T.B. had the misfortune of crashing his bike while wearing his FF-3:

"I had a chance this weekend to crash test the OGK.  Worked fine -- I think (my head) is the only part of my body that does not hurt.  I was going about 110 and had a low side. My helmet was completely destroyed.

It saved my life -- what more can you ask for. The hospital did a cat scan just to make sure and the only thing was they could not figure out what a Tasmanian devil was doing in there but that's another story.  The black outline shows where the helmet actually cracked.  I wonder how hard did I actually hit? Don't know as I passed out......"
Thank you for, uh, "crash testing" the OGK for us, T.B.!!  ;-)  Really sorry to hear about your crash and everyone at webBikeWorld (and I'm sure all of our visitors also!) hopes you get better real soon!


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