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Avon Viper Motorcycle Tires

Avon Motorcycle Tires

Avon Launches New Viper Motorcycle Tire

Avon Tyres has announced the new Viper range of motorcycle tires, designed for sport and super-sport motorcycles.  The tires are now available in North America for 2005.

The Avon Viper builds upon the success of previous Avon ranges and offers a wider choice of sizes and a host of improved technologies.

The Viper Sport is available in 11 sizes:

AV59 Front: 110/70R17, 120/60R17, 120/65R17, 120/70R17, & 130/70R16

AV60 Rear: 150/60R17, 160/60R17, 170/60R17, 180/55R17, 190/50R17, 200/50R17

Drawing on Avon’s years of experience the new Viper Sport pattern has been designed to reduce localized flex points in the tread, improving high speed stability.

The Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) pattern rapidly clears away surface water to increase confidence in the wet.

Viper Sport also boasts a brand new Advanced Tread Arc Combination (ATAC) profile, which varies the tread profile across the tire for the ultimate in handling and stability, whatever the lean angle.

The ATAC profile results in neutral contours, ensuring smoother transition on lean angle changes, and noticeably increases stability, especially under heavy braking.

The tread compound features a new ‘high dispersibility’ silica formulation (SIO2-HD) ensuring rapid warm-up times and maximum grip in wet or dry.

In addition, Viper benefits from Avon’s unique Advanced Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) technology, specifically for rear tires.  This is a jointless belt of ultra-strong Aramid fibers running round the tire’s circumference.

At the centre of the tread, the fibers are closely wound for maximum stability and wear resistance.  The closer to the edge of the tread, the further apart the fibers are positioned, broadening the tire’s footprint under cornering loads.

Finally, all components are fine-tuned by Avon’s Enhanced Stability System (ES-System) to deliver a tire in which the carcass, sidewalls and tread pattern work together to reduce localized flexing within the contact patch to optimize grip, durability and warm-up capabilities.

Sharing the same pattern and core technologies, but with the addition of a softer compound (Race-C) is Viper Supersport, available in these sizes:

AV59 Front:120/60R17 & 120/70R17

AV60 Rear: 160/60R17, 180/55R17 & 190/50R17

Avon’s Race-C compound has been developed by test riders on numerous roads and circuits around the world, and then refined to deliver the optimum tire for fast road use and the occasional track day.

Both Viper Sport and Supersport feature an aggressive snake’s head logo on the tread and sidewall of the tire.

Commenting on the new Viper range, Avon’s Motorcycle Product Manager Pete McNally said, “Viper represents a major advance in sports tire design and is the result of years of testing combined, with original and innovative engineering concepts.  We are proud to deliver this offering of Vipers to the motorcycle market and have great confidence that it will be enthusiastically received.”

For more information, contact Avon Tyres North America.

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